Saturday, August 31, 2013

WORDS OF LUST by Lise Horton

August 1 – September 20
“You look good enough to eat, Professor,” Nick said as they dressed for the party. The expression in his dark eyes seconded his words.

She smiled. She had never in her life dressed for a man. Tonight she’d wanted to shine, and his approval made her feel warm—all over.

She looked at her reflection with pleased surprise. The black lace overdress hugged her curves. It was low-cut and accentuated her breasts to the point she was going to worry all night long about a wardrobe malfunction.

He had surprised her that afternoon with a tiny navy boutique bag that held frothy, delicate and miniscule lingerie. The glint of desire in his eyes as she’d pulled them out of the wrapping kept coming back to her as she dressed.

He studied her. “Sorry I was shaving when you dressed. I was looking forward to watching you shimmy into those undies.”

“I’ve never worn a thong before.” His hands resting on her shoulders felt heavy and possessive. She could smell his musky cologne. It was nothing overwhelming, but blended with the earthy, masculine smell of him. Most definitely good enough to eat.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels…kinky.” She wiggled.

“Get used to it.” His teeth closed on her earlobe, biting with just enough pressure to send a little sting of pleasure through her. The breath in her lungs came out in a sigh, and she grew wetter. She had a feeling he planned on keeping her aroused all night long.

 © 2013 WORDS OF LUST by Lise Horton
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Words of Lust is Lise Horton’s erotic romance debut novel set in NYC. Serafina Luca & Nick Stellato come from different worlds. But lust – and love – conquer all. Release date is September 9, 2013 from Carina Press. For more titillating excerpts, visit her blog or for additional updates, stop by her website . Lise currently has releases in two Ravenous Romance anthologies and under her erotica pseudonym, Lydia Hill, her short story “My Master’s Mark”, will be included in the 2014 Cleis Press anthology, Slave Girls edited by D. L. King.


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    1. So glad you thought so! I loved making my couple simmer....

  2. Excellent excerpt, Lise. So hot!!

  3. I expected something good from you, Lise, and you didn't disappoint! I really enjoyed your steamy excerpt.

  4. Lovely, Lise. The big day gets closer!

    John L
    w/a Troy Storm

  5. Great excerpt. I wasn't expecting a character with my name. Hmmm

  6. Thanks, Isabo, Shirley, John & Nick for joining Mac in stopping by my post! I'll admit that there were times I had to turn on the fan myself! This couple really got hot & bothered! Nick - the character's name is actually Niccolo.

  7. Mmmmm, I'd like to meet this man! Great excerpt, Lise.

  8. If the A/C wasn't already blasting, I'd be fanning myself. :-)