Saturday, August 3, 2013

WORTH THE WEIGHT by Eileen Palma

August 1 – September 15

Worth the Weight explores what happens when the CEO of a supersized stroller company falls for a famous kids fitness guru.  Jack Moskowitz has always been proud of his brainchild Considerable Carriages, a company that manufactures car seats, strollers and high chairs for overweight children.  That is, until he meets Kate Richards, host of ABC’s KidFit and New York Times Bestselling author of the kids’ diet cookbook Mini-Munchies, the day after she tears his company apart on The View.

Kate’s hair dripped down in waves ending in upside down question marks as she leaned over Jack.  A black droplet trailed from Kate’s eyelash down her cheek and pooled in the heart-shaped bow of her full upper lip.  She smelled like an apple orchard after an afternoon rain shower.

Kate exhaled, a slow steady breath of air that pushed out of her barely parted lips and when Jack breathed in, he felt like she had burrowed her way inside him.   Another drop of mascara laced water trailed down from Kate’s eyes and Jack caught the black teardrop with the soft pad of his thumb.  He left his hand resting on Kate’s cheek and felt the ins and outs of her breathing.

Kate closed her eyes and leaned into Jack’s touch, a small sigh escaping her mouth.  Jack lifted his head just enough to catch Kate’s lips with his.  She tasted like cinnamon, sweet with a little exotic spice mixed in.  They kissed deeply, without abandon and all at once stopped being strangers.

© 2013 WORTH THE WEIGHT by Eileen Palma

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Eileen Palma’s romantic comedy WORTH THE WEIGHT placed first in the Tampa Area Romance Authors Contest and third in the Wisconsin Romance Writer’s Fab Five Contest.  Eileen Palma is actively seeking publication and is represented by literary agent Eric Ruben of The Ruben Agency.  Follow Eileen on twitter @EileenEPalma and friend her on facebook


  1. This book has everything: tension, passion, a timely intellectual plot and great writing. Who could ask for more? I can't wait till it hits the bookshelves!!!

  2. Love the sense imagery. Apples and cinnamon and spice!

  3. Enjoyed the imagery and tempo of the scene. I want to find out how you deal with a very interesting and topical conflict!

  4. Lovely bit of a scene and the final line was perfection!

  5. The pace and imagery makes me want to read more. A very sensuous example of modern lit.

  6. Yes, what a very sensual scene--beautiful!