Saturday, September 21, 2013


August 1 – September 24


I make for the palm pad on the cell lock.

The Torch jumps to her feet and wraps her hands around the bars. As I punch in the key code, I catch her green gaze rolling down my torso. Her cheeks flush the second her eyes lock on what just stretched another impossible inch under the heat of her stare. Pouty lips slightly part as she exhales softly.

Something primal and male and knowing puffs up inside of me. She does want me. New methods of torturing my prey flitter across my mind. “I guess it’s true what they say.”

She meets my sidelong stare. “You can lead a donkey to water, but it’s still an ass?”

I press my hand to the palm-recognition pad.

The cell door slides open with a bang.

She steps out of the cage and angles her chin upward from where it meets the center of my chest.

I’m now painfully confident in my best guess at her cup size. “We always want what we can’t have.”

The Torch’s green eyes narrow. Her hand cups my groin, fingertips reaching around my sac.

I refuse to bat a fuckin' eyelash.

“You know what else they say, Apple Pie …”

That sultry voice makes me wanna bash my head against the wall. I clear my throat, clench my teeth, and think about my grandmother’s tits.

She gives my balls a little tug.

I think I just broke a tooth.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

 © 2013  A Dragon's Debt to Apple pie by Mac Perry
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Born in Boston, Massachusetts, to a predominantly Irish Catholic family, Mac Perry always been surrounded by natural-born storytellers. She has practiced for nearly ten years as a creative arts therapistin New York City, working primarily with women, trauma, and addiction. Writing, drawing, and painting have always been her passion, and she strongly believes in the power of the creative process. Visit her at,,,and


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  1. Great crisp writing and dialogue, and a brilliant idea, to tell the scene from the fella's point of view! Loved this excerpt!