Friday, September 20, 2013


August 1 – September 24

INTRO:  A traveling saleswoman claims her erotic independence during one dark and stormy night with a stranger:

I lowered myself next to him on the worn mattress, itchy with need. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding when he slid the large hand off his erection and onto my thigh.

“Pretty.” Fingers plucked at the soft, pale pink fabric of my summery dress. It looked innocent and virginal beneath his dark, rough hand. I stared at a brutal puckered scar that stretched all the way up his forearm and wondered what violence he’d suffered. He slowly slid the fabric up my thighs, calloused fingertips skimming over my bare knees. As he stroked my skin, his touch grew rough and possessive and his fingers inched toward the juncture of my thighs where moisture pooled. I shivered in expectation.

This would no genteel interlude. He was no staid, businessman seducing me after dinner and cocktails. There’d be no bed covered in pristine sheets in a climate controlled environment. I would not be having a sedate orgasm before getting a sterile good-night kiss. The anticipation of the unknown made it all the more arousing. I’d abandoned my poised indifference along with my silk and pearls. I was lying there wet and quivering with lust, waiting impatiently to be screwed senseless by this dark, linguistically challenged stranger.

His fingers moved by infinitesimal degrees. Insidious sensations crept through me until every cell of my being was bursting with want. I watched his hand as it moved, as he pushed my dress across my lap, exposing me.

© 2013  A SIMPLE TRYST OF FATE by Lydia Hill
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Lydia Hill is the naughtier alter ego of erotic romance author Lise Horton (what could be more fitting for a Gemini?). More of her hot erotica can be found on the blog and her bittersweet short story, “My Master’s Mark” will be the closing piece in the upcoming Cleis Press anthology, SLAVE GIRLS, edited by D. L. King (slated for Spring 2014 release). Visit both ladies at



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  1. That's a pretty danged clever title, wish I'd thought of it! :-) The anticipation is well-built and makes me want to know how far from "sedate" the narrator's orgasm's gonna be.