Saturday, September 7, 2013

ETERNAL HUNGER by Ainsley Evans

August 1 – September 22

Intro:  Imagine a steamy one night encounter with a mysterious stranger, only to have it come back to haunt you. Emily Adams finds herself alone with Dylan MacRoyce--the man she let compromise and nearly ruin her reputation the night before. But Emily cannot anticipate what MacRoyce has planned for her next.

London, 1855.

“Why, I could do whatever I want with you, and how would you stop me?” MacRoyce asked, his eyes flashing.

A tremor ran through Emily but it wasn’t from fear. The cruelty of his words contrasted with the excitement of his nearness, leaving her feeling like she’d been spun around and turned upside down.

 “Are you threatening me?” she asked softly. He was far too close. She had to tilt her head up to speak to him, but kept her eyes on the wall, unable to meet that intense grey gaze.

 “How will you stop me?” his mouth lowered slightly, his voice almost a whisper now,

“I—” she wet her lips. “I could scream.”

She could feel the heat of him. His mouth ever nearer to hers, only inches away.

“No. You won’t.”

His mouth seized hers, fierce and immediate. She started at first, then she clung to him, holding on for balance, His shoulders they felt as strong as rocks beneath her curling fingertips. She was flush against the hard press of his body. His skin seemed to sear her through her clothes. 

  His mouth slanted over hers. Deep, and hard, and fast. His tongue, entered as it had last night, caressing her from the inside. Her head tilted back, and his arms supported her, making her feel weightless.  She felt his hard length press against her; the most shocking of all--and the most exciting.

 Somewhere inside her the voice of reason screamed out. She couldn’t do this! She squirmed in his arms, trying to pull away.

He broke off the kiss and drew back just far enough to whisper, his eyes blazing. “Don’t. Think.” 

So she didn’t.
© 2013  ETERNAL HUNGER by Ainsley Evans

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Ainsley Evans is a writer and freelance editor living in Brooklyn, NY. Her hobbies are reading, writing, reading, and worshipping a ten-year-old golden retriever named Amber. She does not tweet, blog, pin, tumble, or instagram, as those activities would leave less time for writing and dog worshipping. The above excerpt is from her Connecticut RWA Contest winning novel, Eternal Hunger.


  1. Great blend of sensual description and pacing.I loved the "don't think" line at the end. Always my problem!

  2. I haven't read too many romance novels set in Victorian London although I love the period. This pair is very intriguing, and I like the hint of danger.

  3. Oh, the glorious allure of the heightened passion of the push and pull of attraction. Parry and thrust until one opponent is bested. Yes!

  4. What I think I like best about this excerpt is how little the heroine gives away to the hero...though, being the hero, he's picking up on all that subtext anyway. :-)