Tuesday, September 3, 2013

JUST ONCE by Colleen Quill

August 1 – September 20

The night air was cool on my skin. I took a deep breath, making a decision to give into the night and determined not to regret letting him scare me. I reached out, grabbing one of his arms and pushed Freddy up against a staircase railing. His eyes were a question. I looked boldly with unabashed want blazing in my eyes. I answered him by pulling his head toward me, pushing my tongue along his red lips, then into his mouth with desire.

Freddy leaned down to meet my hunger. His hands cupped my ass as he pulled me closer to him. The sound of voices approaching grew louder as I let out a moan and pushed myself out of Frederick’s grasp. Damn toddlers were taking over Brooklyn.

The lust was wild in my hazel eyes. I could see nothing but him. I wanted to reclaim his mouth but the child’s high-pitched scream ruined the moment. Frederick smiled at me, stood tall again and we continued walking up the hill to the wine store.

“If you invite me into your life bad things could happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He held the door open to the shop.

His words hit me in a visceral, carnal way as another flash of wanton need spread through my entire body. I walked into the store, quickly moving my feet to the refrigerators. I needed a drink quickly.

© 2013 JUST ONCE by Colleen Quill

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Colleen Quill is a writer and digital marketing expert. Ms. Quill was the Head of Digital Marketing for Universal Republic Records and Head of Music Video Programming for Yahoo!. Her career has encompassed developing online brands and audiences for Disney Channel, Sony Music, American Express and The Tribeca Film Festival. Colleen bylines include SheKnows.com, Rollingstone.com, and BrooklynHeightsBlog.com. Colleen is a member of RWA (National, RWA/NYC, WF & Contemporary Romance). To read about Colleen’s passions please read her blog: http://ramblingsofagrrlgenius.wordpress.com/. Her twitter handle is @grrlgenius.