Saturday, September 14, 2013

No. 29, A Novella by Peta LeDuke

August 1 – September 23
Soon,  a plump kernel of corn is between his thumb and forefinger.  He holds it to my mouth and as I part my lips he slips it toward my tongue.  Teasing at first, slipping it in then pulling back.  In and out the warm nugget slides.  Slowly letting me taste the sweet delicacy and then pulling back leaving me wanting, nearly begging for more until he thrusts the whole swollen kernel and his fingers onto my waiting tongue.  I begin sucking the sweet buttery taste on his fingers.  On the kernel.  I suck as if desperate to get more, as if the swollen kernel is barely a tease.  My tongue plays with his fingers and the soft tip of the swollen treat as I suck again keeping my lips closed, keeping the treasure from escaping.  I want more.
He smiles, letting his fingers linger as the kernel slowly melts away.  I loosen my hold, savoring the after taste and filled with delicious satisfaction.  As his fingers slide from my tongue,  I lick the shaft of his forefinger, now empty.  Wanting more, I lick my bottom lip.  Hoping for another swollen kernel.
© 2013  No.  29,  A Novella by Peta LeDuke
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Peta LeDuke has been writing plays since 1990.  This is her second work of fiction.  She was born in the Hudson Valley of New York State.  She is a widowed with two children.  Peta is a member of RWA, RWA/NYC and the Dramatists Guild (under another name).  You may contact her at


  1. I'm enjoying how our authors are incorporating food into their scenes. Your use of corn is quite imaginative & different!

  2. Wow. I'll never look at corn on the cobb the same way again! ;-)