Friday, September 6, 2013


August 1 – September 22


“Once the baby goes to sleep,” he said logically even though he was panting heavily. “I’ll have a raging hard-on,” he told her. “Not the worst thing in the world, but painful.” He studied her for a moment. His hands moved up and down her back, the only sign he was nervous. “Either I’ll go in the bathroom and satisfy myself manually or I bury myself deep inside you.”

His words shocked her…but titillated and stimulated too. Carrie turned her head and coughed into her hand, she had to gain a little control. With the same even voice, she told him. “I like option number two.” Then she looked directly into his mischievous eyes. “But can I have a few more kisses and caresses before that?”

Caleb moaned, “Of course. I’m not a loser at foreplay like most guys.” He reached for the hem of her dress. It was over her head before she had time to tell him about the zipper in the back. Then again, who cared if it ripped?

Still in her underwear and bra Carrie watched Caleb tear at the buttons on his shirt. Soon it was off. Then he was pulling at the fly on his jeans. He pushed them down his long legs with his toes. Only his socks and underwear remained when he rolled over to Carrie.

“Rock a bye baby,” he sang in a creaky voice as put his hands on her belly. He rubbed and the baby settled within two or three stokes. “The magic of my hands,” Caleb announced, “a wondrous thing.”

© 2013  THE BULL RIDER AND THE BABY by Jeanine McAdam

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   I’m a writer of sweet romance. Telling stories about imperfect people finding perfect love is my thing. My latest, THE BULL RIDER AND THE BABY is about a concussion prone bull rider named Caleb Cooper and a smart neuroscience graduate student called Carrie Wang. Carrie is attracted to her broad-shouldered research subject except she shouldn’t be and it has nothing to do with science. She is pregnant with someone else’s baby.   Please visit me at, and


  1. I vote for the second option. I hate to see a man in pain!

  2. I just love this - especially the crooning of a lullabye - I can practically HEAR the heat and promise in his voice.

  3. I agree with Shirley; if for no other reason than altruism, Carrie should help a bull rider out. :-)