Monday, September 23, 2013

THE LEYSTREL by Chasarina Sei

August 1 – September 24

He watched her as he waited for a response.  He took in the thickness of her hair and wanted to bury his fingers in her silky tresses.  He wanted to remove all those clips and watch it cascade over her voluptuous curves.  He watched her lips part as if she were about to speak.  He couldn’t take it anymore.  He had to taste her again.  He took a step closer and pulled her into his arms.  Arousal exploded through him as her soft curves molded to his unyielding frame.

Her startled eyes flew to his and her lips parted in a startled “oh!” as he bent his head and cover her mouth with his.  His mouth was hot and demanding.  She willingly surrendered to his demand.  She allowed him to sweep her into an erotic vortex.  His arms wrapped tighter around her as he drew her tighter against every hard inch of his body.

Her mouth became his carnal playground.  Her taste drove him wild.  He forgot her innocence.  Forgot to the promises he made to himself when she told him it was her first kiss.  He did however, keep his promise to her.  He held her head in place and slowly, sensually, devoured her mouth.

© 2013  THE LEYSTREL by Chasarina Sei

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Chasarina Sei is married, a mother of two, and a grandmother.  By day, she runs a print shop on Long Island.  By night, she is a paranormal romance writer.  THE LEYSTREL is the first book of a series. Stay tune for more from this new author.

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