Monday, October 28, 2013


by Catherine Greenfeder
I use a variety of promotional strategies to promote my books including book signings, a website, a blog, the social media, advertising, authors’ panels, and library programs. Recently, I started speaking to book club groups.
At first I was a little shy about doing this, but a good friend of mine suggested my book ANGELS AMONG US to her book club group. The members of this book club take turns hosting the meetings and use a theme representative of the book. So, when my book was Pick of the Month, the hostess invited me to her home in North Arlington, New Jersey, which is a short distance from where I live, to be a special guest speaker. When I arrived at her home, I was thrilled to find she had decorated the meeting room, a dining area, with angel decorations. There were angel placemats, an angel centerpiece, angel candles, angel food cake, and toy whistles.
The toy whistles represented the whistle Kay Lassiter‘s guardian angel Eviance Angelique gave her to use whenever she needed his help. I enjoyed chatting about my book. The group gave me positive feedback and insight into what they enjoyed about the book. I also brought along a couple of copies of my other books to show the group. Two members purchased a copy of SACRED FIRES and the others promised to download it to their e-book readers. I gave out promotional material including book-marks, pens, and postcards, and thanked the hostess with an autographed copy of SACRED FIRES.
Another friend of mine told her book club about my books and the group took a vote and chose to read my book, SACRED FIRES. I’ve been invited to speak to that group later this summer.
I spoke twice recently at my local library, the Nutley Public Library. Both talks were on writing and e-book publishing. Through doing that, I was asked to speak to a writers group in Montclair and to a book club group in Kearny.
I‘m scheduled to speak to the book club group at the Kearny Public Library this month. I’ve also been invited back to speak to the writers group in the Montclair Public Library. I plan to bring a couple of my books, bookmarks, postcards, and to offer a raffle prize.
When I speak to writers groups I feel that’s my way of giving back what I have learned that helped me to become a published author. I share information on writing, on publishing, and encourage the inspiring novelist to persevere. I bring along reference material. Being a teacher, I’m in the habit of giving out handouts. So, I’m sure to bring handouts with information on resources and suggestions for writers.
Speaking to book clubs is different than speaking with writers groups. I enjoy meeting people in general, but meeting people who are interested in my books is a lot of fun. It’s different than sitting at a table at a book signing and waiting for potential readers to stop by, chat, and hopefully, buy your book. Secondly, in the case of the groups who read my book, I can get feedback.
I enjoyed hearing about what readers picked out of the story, any questions they had about it, and what parts they liked best. We had lively discussions not just about the books and the writing, but we also talked about the themes and related topics. The women I spoke with in North Arlington shared their own personal experiences with the paranormal, and they had a strong belief in angels which is why my book attracted them. I learned a lot from listening to their stories.
Based on my experience, I would highly recommend seeking out opportunities to meet with book clubs whether in person or on-line. I have not had the encounter with on-line groups, and I prefer the in-person experience better, but I’m sure it’s another way to chat with readership. How can you find out about book clubs? I learned about a few from friends, the library, and the local newspapers. The Internet is another source with book club listings and recommendations. I think it’s worth a try. It’s a chance to meet the readers and potential readers of your work, and it’s fun.♥
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Catherine Greenfeder is the published author of ANGELS AMONG US and SACRED FIRES. Both are published by Secret Cravings Publishing. Her self-published historical western romance WILDFLOWERS is available for Kindle or Nook. Her first young adult paranormal, A KISS OUT OF TIME, will be released this summer by Featherweight Press. You can find out more about the author and her books at

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