Thursday, October 24, 2013


by Troy Storm 

Within the last year I‘ve bitten off an interesting challenge. Secret Cravings Publishing accepted my proposal for a four-book series of erotic ménage romances. I had written a few ménages as the genre became more visible and calls went out for various anthologies. The short stories went well. I think I even sold a few. It didn‘t seem it would be that big a jump to move to the longer novel form. And with the heady acceptance of a ménage manuscript, it seemed even more adventurous to suggest to my equally adventuresome publisher a series of ménages in varying configurations: MMF, FFM, MMM and FFF.

Something for everyone.


No, let‘s go back to adventuresome.

Not counting the days of sheer terror that occasionally occur and the pitiful word count that usually results, all in all the experience has been/is (since I‘m still at it) exhilarating. Short stories and novels exist in totally different worlds. My air-headed contention that it would be an easy move to novel form probably came from knowing all the answers. To all those questions on how to write a great book in all those books on how to write great books. But, checking back during one of those sheer terror days, it appears not many have much to say about ménages.

So I read a few published ones and the genre seem to be a weird breed with many slightly on the "say, what?" side. In general, consisting of one of the usual two in a romantic situation being split in two in order to make three personalities that can be in conflict—while the sex remains great. Now I know romance is a fantasy world, but it has to be at least vaguely believable for me to write it and only by dealing with three distinct personalities could I begin to believe what I was writing—while keeping the sex great.

In HAVING IT ALL, the first CoveHaven ménage, the neglected wife is swept off her feet by a young lover. Pretty standard stuff except he‘s horrified to find she‘s married (dude‘s honorable); but that doesn‘t stop him from continuing to make mad passionate love to her (but dude has found his true love and he ain‘t giving her up); she‘s reminded of the exciting, sexy man her husband was, and will be again if she has anything to say about it.

However, she has now found a fresh and newly minted romantic life and it has challenged her to rebuild the one that has meant so much to her AND keep the new one she‘s found. She is insistent on HAVING IT ALL. (Cute title, right?) But she wants even more. She challenges the guys and they are forced to learn about what each of them brings to the relationship, which leads them to not only accept each other but discover they, too, can have a romantic relationship as well. Now, that‘s different. Very democratic.

My wife looks askance when I mumble through my ménages and I have to admit in the short telling they do require a somewhat larger suspension of disbelief. But not, I hope, in the reading. I have three fully rounded human beings to threat, to challenge, to rub against each other and see how they act. And I‘ve got to get them together by the end. As a writer, I find that an enormously exciting challenge, which I hope comes through in the telling.

In GETTING IT ALL, the second book (each in the series stands alone…boy, do I have an article to write about that one day) I up the ante with three women wanting the same guy and him not sure of what or whom he wants, but knowing he wants more than what he‘s got, which is nothing (he‘s a widow). The third book is MMM, WANTING MORE (well, it‘s about guys…and the general impression is that they always want MORE, right?). And the last, NEVER TOO MUCH, is about three women who need to rekindle the reasons why they got into their trio relationship in the first place. And that‘s a whole other kettle of fish. Why do we fall out of love? What takes the bloom off the rose? (S/He does what? In public?) Can we ever fall back in again? We‘re different people now. So is he/she/them.

But HEA or HFN is what‘s required. So do it. Get’em together.

Kinda like Congress…or rather how I‘d like Congress to be. More interactive.

Not to mention the challenge in keeping all the body parts straight.♥

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Troy Storm writes romantic erotica. His current series of CoveHaven ménages is published by Secret Cravings Publishing and can be found on their website, Amazon, and at other outlets. Troy also has a short story in the currently available Cleis anthology, BEACH BUMS. Follow him on Facebook:, on the RWA/NYC blogs and on Goodreads.

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