Wednesday, February 12, 2014


By A. Charlotte Rose

There are simple elements to tantric sexuality you can use anytime to bring a little hot romance and intimacy into your home life (and to your characters, of course!). Tantra teacher and author Charles Muir suggests these ideas for couples:

Eye contact. When you look deeply into someone's eyes you connect with them intimately and immediately. That technique can help anyone develop immediate rapport in almost any situation, and is especially helpful to connect that way with the one you love (or the one you want to be loving).

Ten minute connects. At least once a day, couples should share a hug, touch, embrace or a roll on the bed for ten short minutes. This will help enhance intimacy in relationships and keep couples connected.

Takes turns. Partners can switch roles regularly so that initiating sensuality in a relationship is a shared experience. This way, no one has all responsibility, and each partner has a change to give, receive and experiment with what they want.

Experiment. Learn what really feels good and pleases your partner by trying different sensual strokes, caresses and techniques.

Kiss often. Use your lips to let your partner know how much you care. Alternate styles of softness, speed, pressure and playfulness.

Harmonize moods and energies. Lying down together quietly and breathing in unison is one way for couples to get on the same wave length.

Have fun trying these out. Sigh.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A.Charlotte Rose is a journalist specializing in love, sex, and the new erotic romance revolution, and she is also an author in the erotic romance genre. She pens the “Hot Romance” Column for The Three Tomatoes. Visit her at Follow her on Facebook at

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