Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MEET HEROINE: Claire Jenkins (MURDER IN PARADISE by Carolyn Gibbs)

This is the Last Stop on RWA/NYC’s Heroine Blog Tour.
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Q:        First impressions count so what are you wearing? What do you look like?

When you first meet me I’m rowing a rowboat, so I’m dressed pretty causally, wearing Khakis and a tee shirt. My hair’s tucked under a baseball cap.

Q:        Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?

I’m a little bit of a tomboy, but when I’m around my co-author Sam Stewart, somehow the girly girl side of me slips out, and before I know it I’m letting my hair down and slipping into sexy shoes.

Q:        What do you do for a living? Do you like it?

I’m a romance author. I started writing full-time a few years ago and love every minute of it, especially since I teamed up with a thriller author.

Q:        Tell us your story.

While attending a writer’s conference in Hawaii, I discovered a murder scene while exploring a small island next to our hotel. I’m totally shocked when I see the male half of the honeymoon couple who’s staying at our hotel. Anyway, the man approaches my friend Amy and me at the book fair. I’m so glad Sam is there when all this is happening. Oh and, Sam and I are up for Romantic Suspense of the Year, and we pretend to be a couple when the creepy guy invites us to Maui for dinner. I don’t know if I’m more nervous being around a possible murderer or sharing a room with Sam. I swear I can feel my heart coming out of my chest every time he casually reaches for my hand. If I could calm down, I could get used to this.

Q:        Just between us, what do you like best about your Hero?

What I like best about Sam is that he’s this big super successful author, but he’s so down to earth. When he enters the conference it’s like a rock star has arrived, but he’s so nonchalant and unassuming. It’s so great to see a star who doesn’t believe their own press. And did I mention he’s sexy as hell. In TV terms he’s like Castle with a dash of McDreamy. Need I say more?

Q:        Do you prefer the bedroom door open or closed?

I’m very modest and prefer the bedroom door closed. But Carolyn, the author of this story seems to have other plans in store for me. I better hit the gym today.

Q:        If your story is made into a movie, what actress do you want to play you?

I would choose Kerry Washington to play me.

Q:        Tell us about your author.

Carolyn Gibbs is a recovering journalist who has worked for several New York area television stations. She writes women’s fiction and romance, with two novellas published by Secret Cravings Publishing, LOVE AND THE ECONOMY and MURDER IN PARADISE. Carolyn lives in New York with her fiancé and their adorable and spoiled calico cat Gizmo. You can find excerpts and more about her at

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