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MEET HEROINE: Nuala of Glengowyn (THE DARKNESS OF GLENGOWYN: FIRE & TEARS #2 by Isabo Kelly)

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This week, we are interviewing Heroines from New York’s Leading Romance Authors.  Some are candid, some are funny, all are wonderful.  We know you’ll fall in love with each and every one of them.  
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Q:  First impressions count so what are you wearing? What do you look like?

Nuala: Describing myself feels very odd. In Glengowyn I’m well known but for my skills rather than my appearance. I’m tall, thin, I have very long light brown/dark blond hair and green eyes, and of course pointed ears since I’m an elf. At the moment, I’m wearing a simple pair of trousers, a fitted shirt and a long silk overcoat, split in front and back for horseback riding—it’s coming into winter where I live.

Q:  Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?

Nuala: I’m not sure. I spend my days making weapons, and I was very grateful when my cousins taught me how to throw a knife. But I adore looking attractive for Einar so I suppose that makes me a bit girly girly.

Q:  What do you do for a living? Do you like it?

Nuala: I make weapons, mostly arrows for the last few centuries. I make two unique types that only I can create. They require my special magical skills. I do like my work, for the most part. I’m good at it. And one of my unique arrows ended a war two hundred years ago. I just wish my sovereigns didn’t require so much sacrifice from me to continue doing my job.

Q:  Tell us your story.  

Nuala: Since creating the first of my unique arrows, I’ve been “protected” to the point of smothering by my people. The weapon—and my personal magic—are considered so valuable I’m forced to remain alone, giving up the love of my life. If I bond with my love, it will change my magic in ways we can’t predict, so the king and queen have ordered me and Einar apart. I hate it. I resent it. But I know his loyalty is to the king and queen so we must obey their edict. Although, now that they’re sending me into the neighboring city of Sinnale—which is besieged by Sorcerers—so I can pass on some of my unique arrows, they have decided Einar will be my bodyguard. I’m not sure what the sovereigns were thinking to put us so close together. I’m not sure how I’ll resist him, I’ve loved him for so long. But if I give in, my changing magic will be nothing to the wrath of my sovereigns. Still, we’ll have to survive being in a war zone first.

Q:  Describe the Hero of your story. Is he a Mr. Darcy or a Christian Grey?

Nuala: I’m not entirely sure who those people are, sorry. Einar is…well he’s called Darkness for a reason. He’s solid and dangerous and loyal and strong. He’s the fiercest warrior in Glengowyn. Most are afraid of him, because in battle he becomes a killing machine. I’ve seen him level small armies. There’s nothing quite as awesome and terrifying as Einar when he lets go in battle. But I’ve also seen his compassionate side. So much tenderness beneath the mask he shows everyone else. It’s no wonder I’ve loved him for centuries. … Oh, my author tells me he’d be more Mr. Darcy than Christian Grey. Does that help?

Q:  Just between us, what do you like best about your Hero?

Nuala: I love the way he stands by me, looks out for me, and sees me for who I am. He doesn’t see a valuable commodity to Glengowyn, he sees a desirable woman. And he actually likes me. Or he did all those years ago. I’m not entirely sure how he feels about me anymore. Also, just between us, I adore his chest and arms. He’s so beautiful physically.

Q:  Do you prefer the bedroom door open or closed?

Nuala: Open I suppose. When I’m with Einar, I don’t really pay attention to doors.

Q:  What TV show best describes your relationship with the Hero – Scandal or Game of Thrones?

Nuala: I had to ask my author this question and she’s not sure either, but she says probably more Game of Thrones.

Q:  If your story is made into a movie, what actress do you want to play you?

Nuala: I’ve no idea. My author can’t think of anyone either. Maybe the woman with the dragons from Game of Thrones—Emilia Clarke?

Q:  Tell us about your author.  

Isabo Kelly is an award-winning author of fantasy and science fiction romances, though I’m only familiar with her fantasy work, obviously. She lives in New York City with her husband and two sons—adorable heroes-in-training! There’s apparently more about my and Einar’s book on her website and you can find her on Twitter @IsaboKelly and Facebook

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  1. I loved meeting you, Nuala! (And can't wait to meet Einar! Whew.... sounds like a hottie (that's a good thing, by the way, Nuala. I get that with dragons around, "hottie" might have a whole different meaning in your neck of the words!)