Saturday, June 28, 2014

MEET HERO: Randy Jones from SWEET JAZZ by Ursula Renée

Welcome to RWA/NYC’s Hero Blog Tour.
We are interviewing Heroes from New York’s Romance Authors.  You met their Leading Ladies last month.  We know you’ll fall in love with each of these heroes.  We did! 


Ursula: Eli, this is Randy’s interview, why are you here?

Eli: Florence said she had so much fun sitting in on Cass’s interview, I figured, why not?

Ursula: Randy?

Randy: It’s all right. Eli’s cool.

Ursula: Okay, then let’s begin. People want to know, what type of underwear do you prefer? Loose or fitted?

Eli: Um…that’s more information than I wanted to know.

Randy: That’s more information than I care to share. That’s reserved for a sassy gal.

Ursula: Then, how about something tamer? Where do you work and what kind of car do you drive?

Randy: I play sax at The Big House and I don’t own car.

Eli: Man, I was thinking about selling mine. You interested?

Randy: I wouldn’t have much use for it. You know, with Cass’s fear of cars.

Eli: She’s been off the farm for six years and hasn’t gotten use to ‘em. What happens if she goes back down south?

Randy: I guess she’ll go back to the mule and wagon.

Ursula: Umm, fellas…Cass had her turn in the spotlight. This is supposed to be about you, Randy. So, tell us your story.

Randy: Two cats tryin’ to play a prank on me sent me own to a coloreds only club to audition. The prank backfired when Cass spoke up for me and I got the gig. Unfortunately, not everyone at The Big House was as welcoming.

Eli:I don’t know how you put up with those jokers.

Randy: My desire to play the sax is strong. Besides, after I get involved with Cass, I have another incentive to stay.

Eli: And, you don’t find it hard dealing with those who don’t like you hanging around a colored woman?

Randy: Actually, it’s Cass fear of opening her heart that causes problems.

Ursula: What was your first impression of Cass?

Randy: I was wonderin’ what a kid was doin’ hangin’ out in a club.

Ursula: Why?

Randy: When she’d not on stage, Cass wears very modest dresses, socks and canvas shoes. She also prefers to wear her hair in two braids with ribbons. However, when she steps on stage, she’s a beauty.

Randy: Is the Cass a sweetheart or a vixen?

Eli: Cass is the sassiest woman you will ever meet.

Randy: There’s no arguing with that. However, despite her sass, she’s a sweetheart. She was in my corner from the moment I first stepped foot into The Big House.

Ursula: Do you believe in Happy Ever After or Happy Right Now?

Randy: I prefer the Happy Ever After, but with Cass, I can’t push things, else I’ll scare her off. Therefore, I’m learning to accept the Happy Right Now and wait ‘til she’s ready.

Ursula: Describe your author.

Randy: I won’t be like Cass and mention the author’s inability to carry a note.

Eli: Ummm…I think you just did.

Randy: Hmmm…I guess I did.

Ursula: Remember, I created you guys. Your future is in my hands.

Randy: In that case, I’ll mention that Ursula writes historical romances. She also enjoys photography, drawing and stone carving.♥

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