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Welcome to RWA/NYC’s Hero Blog Tour.
We are interviewing Heroes from New York’s Romance Authors.  You met their Leading "Ladies "last month.  We know you’ll fall in love with each of these heroes.  We did! 
Hi, I’m Sandy. You may have met me in a book called THE STARS THAT TREMBLE, but my story is told in THE SILENCE OF THE STARS. Let's get this over with. 
Q:  We have to know – boxers or briefs?
Briefs, assuming I’m wearing anything. I spent over twelve years in the Army. Boxers don’t really go well under the uniform. I mean, that’s why the call it commando, you know?
Q:  Where do you work and what kind of car do you drive?
I work for my buddy Mike at his interior renovation firm. I run the Brooklyn branch of the company. I drive this fifteen-year-old green sedan that’s mostly rust and is held together by duct tape and prayers. I hate driving, so if I could scrap the car entirely I would, but first Brooklyn needs better intra-borough mass transit.
Q:  Have you ever posed for a Male Calendar?  Would you? If so, what month would you be and why?
Uh, that’s a negative. If you forced me at gunpoint, I’d pose for a month like July. Mike says he started calling me Sandy when we were kids because of my sunny good looks. So it’s not just a clever name. (My real name is Alexander. The only person who calls me that is my senile grandma, though, so don’t you dare!)
Q:  Tell us your story. 
I got hired to do the kitchen renovation for the hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on. Apparently that feeling was mutual. We got along like gangbusters. When we started dating, I wanted to keep it casual, but it soon became clear that Everett was put on this planet just for me. That worked out for me because I’ve always wanted a family, and at almost-forty, that was looking like it wouldn’t happen. But of course, we had a lot of nonsense to work out. My head isn’t screwed on quite right. Kind of a long story, but my last tour in Afghanistan didn’t go so well. I got hurt pretty bad, although after a bunch of surgeries, I’m good as new. At least on the outside.
Q:  What was the first thing you noticed about Everett?
Aside from the smoking body? Well, he’s got a little chin dimple. I’m a sucker for a chin dimple.
Q:  Describe his looks.
He’s on the tall side, kind of willowy, but substantial, too. He’s naturally thin, but a gym avoider. Brown hair, pretty eyes. He has really soft skin.
Q:  Is the Hero a sweetheart or a vixen?  Does he help or hinder you?
This question originally said “heroine” but I laughed picturing Everett as a sweetheart or a vixen, so I’m keeping it. He’s definitely more of a sweetheart, but he has a wicked streak and, let’s say a vivid imagination. He never hinders me in any way; if anything his presence in my life gave me the push I needed to finally seek help for my… issues.
Q:  Do you believe in Happy Ever After or Happy Right Now?
Ever after. We’re not married or anything, but I see us being together until death do we part.
Q:  Who’s your favorite superhero – Captain America, Superman, Iron Man, Batman? 
Batman, obviously. He’s got all those cool gadgets!
Q:  Describe your author. 
Kate McMurray is an award-winning author of gay romance and an unabashed romance fan. [Aren’t we all, honey?] When she’s not writing, she works as a nonfiction editor, dabbles in various crafts, plays the violin, and is maybe a tiny bit obsessed with baseball. [Baseball is the only sport. Go Yankees!] She’s currently serving as President of Rainbow Romance Writers, the LGBT romance chapter of Romance Writers of America. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Visit her at ♥

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