Wednesday, July 9, 2014


by Vanessa Peters


There has been an unyielding sense of ennui that has wrapped itself around my shoulders. It laid in like a second skin and I just couldn’t seem to shake it. So I turned to what has always been my comfort… books and the stories that live within them.

My status as a constant reader, while it’s had moments of wax and wane over the years, has held steady as a necessity for me. It is within a book’s pages that I turn when I find myself lost in moments of weariness. I looked through my catalogue of books already read knowing it would be there that I would find my reprieve. This feeling which grew from a mild nagging to a sudden constriction of my creative flow would only be improved by the familiarity of a story, well-known and loved.

I settled on a novella I’ve read a couple times already. Some would pan the choice, I’m sure, but everyone’s comfort is their own, and I find no shame in mine, nor have I ever cared much what others thought of my choices in literature. But I digress…

I eased into the story and familiarity of the characters created by author Patricia Briggs in ALPHA AND OMEGA, and felt the tightening slowly alleviated with each page turned. The story, a paranormal romance, is also one of fate and destined love. It is the story of Anna, a broken and battered woman, and Charles a power­ful, heart harden and stoic man; a story of soul mates. Their story, as favorite stories are known to do for those that love them, improved my mood. It was through the storytelling and writing (thank you Mrs. Briggs, I have been your Constant Reader for some time now) but also in something much deeper that I found solace in.

Within the lines of this story lies a tale of hope; even when life feels at its most dire there is light and within that light is love strong and unwavering. This may be the opinion of one foolhardy romantic, but it was that thought that eased my restless heart.

So, my message to you, my fellow Constant Reader is to go fourth and seek out your comfort, wherever it lives and cherish it.

This is my candle in the dark…what is yours?♥


Vanessa Peters is a Latina writer and artist who lives and works out of Brooklyn, New York. She writes stories with characters that reflect the diversity of couples and love in America. She is the author of the forthcoming novel, ALMA, a multicultural romance set in New York. Visit her at

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