Wednesday, July 23, 2014


by Catherine McNally

Have you found your soul mate? Is your partner the person you were des­tined to be with?

Fated love – the concept that there’s a pre-destined perfect match for each person in the world – is a universal theme that can be traced back thousands of years. From oral folklore to written stories, there is a long tradition of tales about couples who are somehow cosmically meant to be together. These stories run the gamut of fated love, where the couple goes on to live a long happy life together, to ill-fated love, where the couple is destined to fail in their efforts to be united.

One genre where fated love is found in abundance is in fairy tales. The recurring theme in many of these stories is a heroine or hero in distress who overcomes adversity with the help of the person destined to become their spouse. From Cinderella’s transformation into the belle of the ball under the loving gaze of the handsome prince, to Sleeping Beauty who is awakened from a spell by the kiss of her one true love, the power of connect­ing with the one person you were meant to be with has universal appeal.

Everyone wants to be loved and cherished, and many of us believe that our soul mate is out there somewhere and it’s our destiny to be together. The idea that life is not random – that there’s a greater power controlling our fate – can be a comforting concept for many people.

We see the fated love theme play out in all kinds of novels. From historical novels like GONE WITH THE WIND by Margaret Mitchell where the hero and heroine are destined to carry on a passionate love affair across the backdrop of the Civil War; contemporary romance novels like THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks where the lead characters overcome many obstacles to finally unite and remain bonded despite the onslaught of de­mentia; to ill-fated love stories like A FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green where a young cancer-ridden couple fall deeply in love only to be parted by the tragic disease that consumes them.

The appeal of fated love is here to stay, and can inspire us as writers of our own romance stories. From fated love stories with a “happily ever after” ending to ill-fated love stories that end tragically but teach us meaning­ful life lessons - destiny is a powerful concept. ♥
Catherine McNally is an aspiring author of contemporary romance who recently finished drafting her first novel. She joined Romance Writers of America in 2013 and found her way to RWA/NYC where her local chap­ter members inspire her to pursue her dream of becoming a published author.

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