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August 9 - 16

by Shirley Kelly
There are certain times of year we make it a point to stop and salute our Troops. Memorial Day is one of them, and here in NYC, Memorial Day means Fleet Week, which means sailors in their incredibly white uniforms walking the streets of the city. July 4th brings fireworks and parades and thanking our soldiers, past and present, who make our freedom possible. A person wearing a uniform invokes feelings of patriotism, pride, and strength. But there’s also something about a crisp, well-fitting uniform that gets the heart racing. Many books and movies have been written set in the time of war. Many of them include romantic plot lines.
Want to test your knowledge? Then take this quiz and see where you rank.
1. GONE WITH THE WIND takes place during the Civil War. What state does Scarlett O’Hara call home?
a) Georgia

b) Kentucky

c) Massachussets

d) South Carolina

e) Virginia
2. FROM HERE TO ETERNITY has a lot of romance in it, but no one gets their happy ending, it’s actually pretty tragic. But when most people think of movie, they’re thinking about Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster rolling around in the surf. In what war did FROM HERE TO ETERNITY take place?
a) American Revolution

b) Crimean War

c) WWI


e) Vietnam
3. What is the title of Chapter member, Lisbeth Eng’s WWII romance?
a) In The Arms of the Enemy

b) Love in a Time of War

c) Sleeping With the Enemy

d) Surrender To Love

e) Torn Between Two Lovers
4. A movie, not based on a book, but who cares when you’ve got a dashing officer sweeping the townie up in his arms and carrying her out of the factory! In AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, in what branch of the military did Richard Gere receive his training?
a) Army

b) Coast Guard

c) Marines

d) National Guard

e) Navy
5.  THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS takes place during the French and Indian War. It’s not a traditional romance, but who cares when the leading man is a true hero? At the end of the book, which couple survives to love another day?
a) Duncan Heyward and Cora

b) Hawkeye and Alice

c) Hawkeye and Cora

d) Uncas and Alice

e) None of the Above
6. Suzanne Brockmann has written many military themed romances, which one didn’t she write?
a) Headed for Trouble

b) Prince Joe

c) The Darkest Hour

d) The Defiant Hero

e) The Unsung Hero
7. Four of our Chapter members wrote an Anthology of Multicultural and LBGT romances set in the time of the American Revolution. Which author didn’t contribute a story?
a) Stacey Agdern

b) Alyssa Cole

c) Lena Hart

d) Kate McMurray

e) Eileen Palma
8. In THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Captain von Trapp is a dashing Naval Officer who falls in love with Maria during WWII. Which name doesn’t belong to one of the Captain’s children?
a) Brigitta

b) Kurt

c) Liesl

d) Marta

e) Rolf
Answers to the quiz:

1. a) Georgia

2. d) WWII

3. a) In the Arms of the Enemy

4. e) Navy

5. c) Hawkeye and Cora

6. c) The Darkest Hour

7. e) Eileen Palma

8. e) Rolf
Based on how many you got right, what would your rank be in the Army?
(0) They wouldn’t even let you enlist.

(1) You’re in the Army now, Private.

(2) You’re promoted to Corporal.

(3) I salute you, Sergeant.

(4) Moving up fast to Lieutenant.

(5) Aye, aye Captain.

(6) What an achievement, Major.

(7) You’re in charge now, Colonel.

(8) You’re a 4-Star General!
Shirley Kelly writes both Regency and Contemporary romances, as well as short erotica stories. Follow her on Twitter @ShirleyKelly16.

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