Tuesday, February 3, 2015

50 SHADES OF SEXY: THE MUSE by Jessica Evans


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THE MUSE:  A Pride and Prejudice Variation
by Jessica Evans

“I’m not a normal choreographer, and I don’t believe you’re a normal dancer either, Ms. Bennet. Normal is mediocre,” said Darcy.

Unsure whether he’d just paid her a compliment, she looked at the floor. He showed no sign of relenting, so composing herself, Elizabeth swallowed down her annoyance and tried to make her voice sound light. “Okay.”

But she found it was not easy. The dark timbre in Darcy’s voice sent her flesh tingling. She hated herself for it. She hated the way she reacted to him. She hated that Darcy, despicable man though he was, made her quiver in fear, fury, and fervor.

“Let’s go from the top,” he said.

The music began. Her insides burning, Elizabeth danced the movements she knew, trying everything to avoid looking into his eyes because she didn’t want him to look into hers. She stopped in Darcy’s arms once the steps ran out, facing him.

“Lean your head back,” he murmured. When he choreographed, his voice reverberated erotically. Everything in her body raced, sparked, and pulsed.

Elizabeth complied, keeping her gaze on his chin. She arched backwards. One of his hands snaked up her back, the other down her thigh, pushing her right leg behind her into an arabesque. He waited, perhaps thinking, but her back hurt from the prolonged arch. He did not tell her to, but she was angry and felt too vulnerable bent backwards in front of him. The fury-fervor took over, and Elizabeth straightened her spine.

Darcy’s eyes widened. With her hands still supported in his, she leaned forward on the tip of her pointe shoe until she couldn’t support her weight alone anymore. Despite his shock, Darcy’s impeccable partner training took over, and he caught her. Elizabeth leaned into his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck for support. She thought that would be the end of it, but suddenly, he was twisting and lifting her. Her heartbeat surged in her ears. Her leg muscles melted. She responded to his improvisation, allowing herself to be swept into the music and his movements until the steps just naturally trailed off like a conversation.

They stared at each other.

“Let’s t-try that with the music,” Darcy stuttered, reddening as he walked away from her.♥

© Copyright held by Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans cut her writer’s teeth in various fan fiction forums starting at fifteen. Although she discovered Jane Austen’s novels as a college sophomore, she didn’t begin writing Austenesque until several years later. THE MUSE: A Pride and Prejudice Variation is her debut novel. Jessica teaches sixth grade English in a New York City public school. In her spare time, she reads a lot romance, fantasy, and Young Adult literature, enjoys walks in Prospect Park, and cooks and eats as healthily as possible. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Visit her at:  http://jessicaevans.merytonpress.com
Twitter: @JEvansBooks