Wednesday, March 25, 2015

50 SHADES OF SEXY: A GOOD START by Teresa C. Miñambres

This is the Last Week of our 50 day Sexy Blog Tour
featuring excerpts from our member's romance novels -- the sexy parts!  We hope you have enjoy the readings and will continue to support our authors!
by Teresa C. Miñambres
My celebration buddy started kissing my neck and sent shivers down my arms and my spine.  Then slowly he worked his way to my breast and my nipple. When he stopped I was disappointed but he had only stopped to look.
"Your breasts are beautiful. I have as much pleasure looking at them as l do tasting them." That said, my admirer continued to suck, kiss and lightly bite my breasts and ribcage slowly and thoroughly.
By now I was getting wild.  I wanted him inside of me.  I had briefly seen his naked self and was aware that he was well endowed and I also knew that I was more than ready for him.
However he was not about to hurry his conquest.  I was ready to explode.  The stars went nova in my head and throughout my body. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm. My bones were dissolving and now I felt him at my entrance.  Gently slowly entering an inch at a time, he was once again bringing me to the crest.  I was beyond the ability to control myself.
This went on all night.  We would sleep and then he would wake me to glorious sex.  Somewhere in the night he told me he was healthy and clean and asked me if I had any questions.
At seven AM his phone rang and he went to another room to talk. I felt it was time to shower and dress.  When I came back from the shower he was in another bathroom.  This was when I finally asked myself "What were you thinking?"  Quickly I gathered my things and left.  A wonderful fantasy should remain just that. 
Today is day one at my new job.  My congratulations night took place a week ago and is now a wonderful memory.  It is a dream night to remember as cold reality takes over my days.
I was informed on Friday that I would be working for Lysander Burke, the senior partner.  I am to be his personal paralegal.  All the personnel papers have been signed, notarized and filed.  I am ready to work.
My office is very impressive and I have my own secretary.  I cannot complain so far.
Mr. Burke's secretary asked me to step into his office. As I sit across his desk, he walks in.  I am speechless. It is my congratulations buddy!
Lysander smiles at me and says, "We do not have a policy forbidding dating fellow office members. It has always been so. Now aren't we lucky?"
I just smile! What a great start to a new job!♥
© Copyright held by Teresa C. Miñambres
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Teresa C. Miñambres graduated with a Masters Degree in Spanish European History. She is currently working on two historical romances, one set in Texas and one set in Colorado. Both involve Spanish land grants which the heroines had inherited. Teresa writes heroines and heroes that are strong, opinionated and very sensual.  She's very proud of that.

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