Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Romance writers, here's an oft overlooked genre you may want investigate. Flash fiction.

Flash fiction is a short form of storytelling defined by the number of words and/or sentences, which of course vary from writer to writer. In a nutshell, flash fiction is any writing material more than 50 words and less than 1,500 words—some flash fiction writers stretch the limit to 2,000 words.

Note: Other names for flash fiction are micro fiction, pocket-size story, and minute-long story.

Flash fiction has been around for many years—reportedly since the early 1990’s—but has become increasingly prevalent in the literary community over the last five to seven years. Once regarded as “lazy” work, flash fiction is now considered quite the opposite: intellectually challenging storytelling. So even though by definition the context of flash fiction is to remain extremely short, it is not a medium that tolerates fragmented writing. The challenge of flash fiction is to tell a complete story in which every word is absolutely essential.

It stands to reason that in a society where people expect information at lightning speed that the instant gratification that flash fiction provides would grow in popularity. Due to its wide spread appeal today, many mainstream publications have shifted their focus to include flash fiction. For example Women’s Day Magazine has a romantic stories section that calls for <800 a="" and="" calls="" cosmopolitan="" for="" has="" romantic="" section="" steamy="" that="" words="">800 words. Also, there are many publications that exclusively feature works in flash fiction format, Vestal Review, Brevity Magazine, and FLASH Fiction Online just to name a few.

As it pertains to the romance genre itself numerous romance publishers such as Decadent, Secret Cravings, Etopia, and Evernight have in recent years added Anthologies to their categories; Anthologies are compilation of flash fiction and/or short stories.

Don’t forget that Romance Writers of America is organizing its second romance anthology. Want to learn more about this exciting opportunity? Here’s the link: Good luck!♥

Maria Cox has a degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Computer Applications. She also has an accreditation from the Project Management Institute. Maria has been writing stories since she was a young girl. She picked up her first romance novel when she was just eleven years old and has loved the genre ever since. Her first published novel, WICKED LUSTFUL TALES, was released through Melange Books in October 2013. Maria writes sensual romance, stories that showcase strong, sassy, and sexy characters. When she’s not writing, Maria works a technical writer. She lives in Queens, New York. Please visit her site and/or follow her on Twitter. Maria is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and a member of RWA/NYC & RWA Desert Rose. She is also is the past President of the Phoenix Writers Club.

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