Tuesday, June 9, 2015


June being the month of Brides,
we thought it apropos to talk about Happy Endings. 
Visit us daily this week and learn what some of our members think about the much sought after and often elusive “Happy Ever After.”

 Life is not a box of chocolates, and, unfortunately, marriages don’t always end with a Happily Ever After.  I’ve learned to live with that reality thanks to romance novels.

I’ve been reading romances for over 20 years and I am not ashamed to say it or to show off those book covers.  (How I miss Fabio!)  My love of romance novels and The Happy Ending started in high school.  My friend Joanne and I would sit in the back row of Economics class and open these huge tall books in front of us.  No one knew that we were really reading Barbara Cartland romances. 

Barbara Cartland’s were my first romances.  They were sweet and all about princesses and princes, who found each other and got married and lived Happily Ever After.  —Cue sigh—  By college, I had graduated to Kathleen Woodawiss’, Johanna Lindsey’s and Rosemary Rodgers’ romances.  These were more adult, more adventurous, even more violent romances but still with that wonderfully guaranteed Happy Ever After.

And that is the key to why the Romance Industry is a billion dollar industry, why romances sell by the millions even in a down-turned economy – the guaranteed Happy Ending

A Happy Ending is the dream of every girl, every woman.  And it is a bestselling dream that lasts a lifetime.  Oh, we grow up and we know the dream probably/ mostly will never come true, but who cares.  The dream and the wish will become more of an escape into the impossible, but that won’t stop romance readers.  

We want our guaranteed Happy Ending and we want it now, whether one is immersed in the mores of Regency England, fighting pirates off the coast of Barbados, shifting from human to wolf in San Francisco, traveling faster than the speed of light on planet Pluto, or ice skating in Central Park.

And if in the course of our reading, we stumble upon hot, erotic romances where the intent is more of a Happy Right Now, we’ll take it.  After all, Happy Right Now is just around the corner from Happily Ever After.  —Cue grin— Besides, today’s modern, liberated woman, living in the 21st century can have both.  So bring on the HEA and the HRN.  We’re ready to read!♥

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Maria Ferrer is an avid romance reader.  She has been known to devour 3-5 romance in one sitting if the mood is right.  Maria is working on her own romance novels.  You can read excerpts from her novels a www.marializaferrer.blogspot.com  and www.mydelcarmen.com

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