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In celebration of the launch of our "When Sparks Fly" Contest,
we have invited some of our members to share with us excerpts or articles about making those Sparks Fly.  Happy Reading.♥

It’s a little different for a man to write romance for we are judged more discretely than women writers. It’s the opinion of this writer that men overall are deeply scrutinized to what level of heat they apply to a love story. Women are allowed more carte blanche whereas men have to be weary as to what degree of edginess is permissible.
In light of that premise, I write my romance stories more in the vein of another male romance writer, Nicholas Sparks. He has always captured the true essence of a budding relationship between a man and a woman without being over the top. Nicholas beautifully folds each layer until it gets to the climax. But even here, he doesn’t get to too descriptive. He just infers it. Those are the stories I like to read and write about. I admire Sparks’ writing style and try to emulate him.
To illustrate my point, below is a passage from my contemporary romance novel “The Diamond Man.” I want you to feel the sensation of the romance building between my hero Jim and my heroine Anne. The scene is a picnic in a park.
“They drank the wine from two wine glasses Jim had brought from home, and indulged themselves on the cheese, crackers and fruit. Each took turns reading various poems to the other. Anne especially cherished one piece by Emily Dickenson. Upon completion of the poem’s recital, Anne closed the book and held it close to her body. Anne closed her eyes and smiled sensuously. At that moment Jim softly brushed the strands of her hair with his left hand. The sensation felt like cool zephyrs on a warm summer day running through his fingers. And Anne wore a perfume that was seductively intoxicating, acting like an aphrodisiac, heating up the passion. Jim delicately moved his left hand until he cupped it around Anne’s left shoulder. She woke out of her trance to realize what Jim was doing. Anne admiringly looked at Jim as he returned her gaze. The two slowly moved toward one another until the moment came when Jim and Anne were about to exchange a long kiss. He could feel his blood rushing through his veins. Right away, their eyes closed as Jim and Anne engaged in their passionate embrace. Their lips locked and their tongues entwined.”


Here I built some layering using the poetry reading as the catalyst. I even incorporated the use of a metaphor of a cool breeze in showing the sensation of Jim finger brushing Anne’s hair. And then we eventually come to the climax when Jim and Anne seductively kissed, which sets as the spark between them.
To me, you can’t have the spark without the layers. That makes for a more interesting and realistic read.♥
Michael J. Molloy’s mentor was the late Frank McCourt (ANGELA’S ASHES).  His mainstream romance novel, THE DIAMOND MAN, was published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing (  He has just completed a thriller called SADISTIC PATTERN; plus, has written a screenplay, “Simon Rockets”, which got as far as talks with Hollywood producer Beaux Carson (“The Tempest”).  Visit him at; Facebook Author Page ( and Twitter (

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