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In honor of our RWA/NYC “When Sparks Fly” Contest I’d like to share an excerpt from THROUGH THE LENS, book 1 in my Creative Hearts Series showing a few of the sparks flying between my hero and heroine Alejandro and Mika.

I hope you enjoy this scene… 


The bag. Alejandro looked down at the bag left in his hand and cursed himself silently. How could he have the bag and not her hand? He threw the equipment bag down and dove over the side. Head shifting quickly, eyes darting under the water, he didn’t see her and began to panic. Where the hell was she? He came up to the surface, looked around for Mika, then went down again, his heart beating wildly, stomach clenching with fear. How good a swimmer was she? Did she get a cramp? Could she even really swim? In all the times they’d been to exotic locations on shoots, he’d never once actually seen her swimming in the water. Ale looked and looked, but all he saw was blue water, coral and sand. Where did she go? It wasn’t even all that deep here close to the dock. Fear twisted at him again, even tighter this time as he suddenly wondered if she could possibly be under the boat. He went back down under the water.

It was then that small but capable and firm hands grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him up to the surface.

“The equipment bag! You let me go over, and you save the freaking equipment bag?”

Alejandro suddenly was face to face with a wet and snarling Mika. He blinked as her words came at him like blows from a prizefighter. What did he do to deserve this? “Don’t you see I was trying to save you now? Of all the ungrateful—” Alejandro snarled back.

“Now? Now is a little too late, if you hadn’t noticed. Besides, any longer down there, and it would be you who needed mouth-to-mouth,” Mika railed, cutting him off.

It was too much. She had a lot nerve to be talking to him about mouth-to-mouth. All she’d done lately was taunt him with that luscious mouth and lashing tongue of hers.

Ale watched as Mika took in a deep breath, about to give it to him good once again, and suddenly decided it was his turn to do the giving.


Wet and hard.

Those were the only two words she could think of as Ale’s lips came down on hers, silencing her with his swift action. But no, there was more. Wet and hard, then cool and more wet, then hot and warm all at once. Or maybe that was her body that was so hot and warm, but how could that be when she was submerged in cool water? Whatever. One thing was sure: Ale was silencing her with his kiss. Reminding her who was boss.

He dragged his tongue over the crease of her lips, and she whimpered—oh-god-was-she-really-the-whimpering-type-turns-out-oh-yes-she-was—before letting him in. And then to top the whimper she sighed as his tongue caressed hers, melting her like a snow cone in August. Then she knew. She’d be nothing in a moment. Dissolved. Gone. One with the water.

His strong muscular arm wrapped around her hips and pulled her toward his solid form. Now they were body to body, breast to chest. She let out a moan as Ale shifted, and she felt his hardness press against her center. She was weightless, her legs seemingly wanting to float apart and wrap around his waist all on their own. And still he pulled her in more. His hands now supporting her behind, fused her to him, groin to groin, mouth to mouth. And thank goodness for his strength or surely she would happily go under, lost at sea forever. Suddenly a wave splashed against them, sending an unwelcome chill to the back of Mika’s neck.

Her eyes shot open. The ocean, the cold, Alejandro. Oh crap. What was she doing? This wouldn’t do. Not. At. All. She couldn’t be dominated by him. He dominated everyone he met. But not her. Never her. Mika’s heart squeezed tight as she let his tongue sweep across hers oh-so-silkily one more time, and then she bit down. Hard.♥
THROUGH THE LENS Summary:  Mika Walters is a normal-sized woman working in the not-so-normal world of New York fashion. As longtime assistant to uber-sexy photographer Alejandro Vega, she's tired of being the girl in the background. Just once she wants Alejandro to look at her with the same smoldering look he gives to his willowy models and now she has her chance.
Stranded. After a travel mishap where the rest of the crew and the models can't make the remote island location shoot for another three days, Mika is taking her moment to catch Alejandro's eye and put herself in front of his camera and if all goes to plan, his bed . . . at least until the real world catches up with them. Alejandro doesn't know what's gotten into Mika. Maybe it's the sand, maybe it's the sun, but he doesn't really care. All he knows is that he's finally opened his eyes and is seeing her clearly for the first time as the smart, gorgeous, and incredibly irresistible woman she is. But why can't she realize that what he's feeling for her is not one of his usual one, well, three night stands. This is real. Real love, real passion. What's it going to take for him to prove to Mika that she's the woman he wants? Now and forever.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  A native New Yorker, K.M. Jackson spent her formative years on the ‘A’ train going from her home in Washington Heights to The Village where she attended high school. On that long ride to study math and science, K.M had two dreams: 1. to be a fashion designer and 2. to be a writer.  After graduating from high school, K.M. studied fashion design at FIT. She then spent ten years designing for various fashion houses. But after having twins K.M. took the leap of faith and decided to pursue her other dream of being a writer.  She currently lives in a suburb of New York with her husband, twins, and a precocious terrier named Jack that keeps her on her toes. 

Kwana can found on her blog at www.kwana.com , on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KmJacksonAuthor , on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KwanaWrites or you can get in on the fun and excitement of her special Facebook chat group by joining her over at TEAM KMJ at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KMJacksonFans/ and don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter http://bit.ly/1wgE4Q8  to stay up to date on her latest releases and all the thrilling happenings in the KMJ world. 

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