Monday, October 19, 2015


Working and walking across genres!

Those who pursue a variety of interests have probably heard someone sarcastically remark,” Jack of All Trades, Master of None.” Some people believe it is more important to master one task than to study a variety of interests. Even in the writing industry, some editors and authors believe one should concentrate on a single genre and establish herself in that area.

As I have never conformed to the standards, I write whatever inspires me.

Though I have published historical romance, I also enjoy a good mystery and have completed the first draft of five in a series. And, while they have yet to find a home, I continue to revise and submit them with the hope of one day adding mystery writer to my resume.

My love for fairy tales and mythology has also inspired me to pen several fantasies. Through this pursuit, I have had the opportunity to create my own worlds; study mythical creatures; and explore psychic abilities.

Yes, it may seem flaky to bounce around from one genre to the next, especially when an author has yet to make a name for herself in one genre. However, life is too short not to try new things.

If an idea pops into your mind, don’t ignore it. Take notes, write an outline or complete the first draft. Once done, the work can be put aside until you are ready to build a name for yourself in another genre.♥

Thanks to the support and encouragement of the members of RWA/NYC, Ursula’s debut novel, SWEET JAZZ, was published in September 2014.  Her second book, A BOOKIE’S ODDS, is scheduled for release later this month.  As President of RWA/NYC, Ursula wants to offer the same encouragement and guidance to other RWA members.  Visit her at

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