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Double XX Series
by Xyla Turner


"This is a game, but it is very much a business."

“Good evening, Officers,” Shawn yelled over the music. “Nice of you to join us today.”
Two police men stroll into the luxury hotel room. The taller one was on the heavy side with a beer gut that clearly explained how he handled the stress. The shorter one was a little thin, but had the eyes of a rookie yet displayed a keen sharpness that only came from a professional.

The suite had marble floors, tables and countertops, which was only fit for a king. When the Washington RedSkins come into town, it was always at the _________ Hotel. The organization paid well and mostly for discretion, so if the cops were at our location that meant something really bad happened or was about to happen.  Players, women, agents and the like were all over the suite. Since it was registered under Shawn Mighty, the police officers were looking at him.

Unfortunately, Shawn had an extremely drunk and maybe on some sort of narcotics else girl over his shoulder and was half way up the stairs. The worst part was that the same girl was under-aged. This was bad and it was damn near impossible for him to spin this in his favor.

“Shawn Mighty, a word.” The tall officer motioned for him to meet him near the door.

The music was shut off and people moved further inside the suite, so they could still see and hear, but not be too close to the action.

He descended from the steps with the girl still on his shoulder and asked, “What can I do you for?”

“We are looking for a,” the taller cop looked to the shorter one.

“Uh, Elaine Culter.”

“Yes, Elaine Culter. She reportedly came to this party, she’s about 5’7, brown hair, brown eyes.”

The shorter officer chimed in and said, “Kind of like the one on your shoulder.”

The tall cop walked around Shawn and asked, “What’s your name darling?”

The enebirated woman murmured something inaudible.

“Do you know her?” The shorter one asked Shawn.

“No, I don’t. She had a little too much to drink, so I was going to put her in a room upstairs.”

“Well, if this is Elaine Culter, she’s 16 and has no business being at your party, let alone in your room.” The older cop spewed.

“I agree, officer. I did not card everyone’s date when they brought them to this party, but I will make sure that if there is anyone under the age of 18 here, you are free to take them away. I have 99 problems and a child ain’t one.”

There was some snickering from the other players that were behind him. The officers did not find it amusing, but the tall one yelled, “If you are under the age of 18, get your asses out of here, before we bring the fake id card detector around. You have five seconds.”

To Shawn’s surprise, three girls stepped forward and scrambled out. One of young women, who did not look anything like 25, came back and said, “My friend Elaine is 16 and he has her.”

Her trembling finger was pointing to Shawn with the girl still over his shoulder.

“We’ll take her from her,” the shorter cop said.

Shawn lifted her off of him and gave him to the shorter police officer. The taller one patted him on the back and said, “You lucked out man. That’s a senator’s daughter and he was looking for blood. I’ll be sure to let him know she went untouched. Not sure who brought her, but he’ll be happy to know that someone was looking out for her.”

“Yeah, do that.” Shawn relaxed.

“You have a good night,” The shorter one called back as they left.

Shawn could hear the sobbing girls outside the suite, but he was thankful that he just dodged a bullet. He also knew he needed to slow down, because that type of heat could be career ending. Tonight would not be the night for that, so he turned around and yelled, “Hit the musssiiiccc!”  ♥

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