Monday, December 21, 2015


RWA/NYC wishes to add a little romance into your holiday season.
Join us this week as we showcase our member authors and their Favorite Things!
Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

By Stacey Agdern

I love seeing friends and family, but over the past few years, one of my favorite things has become visiting very close friends who live down in Virginia.  We relax, drink coffee, see movies, explore the area (doing anything from random adventures to visiting historic sites), go shopping, eat great food and just have quality time.  I’ve visited them during all times of the year and I’ve often said that time with them makes my soul feel better.  Interesting related fact: I started ‘A Home for Hanukkah’ (my contribution to Burning Bright) at their dining room table J

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Stacey Agdern is an award winning former bookseller who has reviewed romance novels in multiple formats and given talks about various aspects of the romance genre.  She is also a romance writer.  You can find her on twitter at @nystacey.  She’s a proud member of both LIRW and RWA/NYC.  She lives in New York, not far from her favorite hockey team’s practice facility
Twitter: @nystacey

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