Tuesday, December 22, 2015


RWA/NYC wishes to add a little romance into your holiday season.
Join us this week as we showcase our member authors and their Favorite Things!
Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

By Troy Storm

Ches, the hunky white guy in Troy Storm's NO LOVE LOST, only hopes for a good night's sleep. Horrendous nightmares still occasionally rip the quiet midwestern small-town nighttime he has returned to. His best bud, and the hunky black guy who has been his salvation, Josey's favorite thing is to know he's been accepted by the locals as a productive member of the conservative community and hope the feds don't track him down as an illegal. Maddie's favorite thing is hope. She's screwed up along the way a couple of times, but has found a new job, and a new reason to return to her roots and has a renewed sense of purpose. It gets her just what you might expect. A tough road to hoe. But in the long run...

In the long run, my favorite thing, other than my gorgeous wife of fifty years, and our two terrific kids of nearing the same, is to be able to write stories and make sure it all comes out great in the end. And chocolate.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  John Lovelady has been writing romantic erotica as Troy Storm for a couple of decades. You can follow him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/troy.storm.184. His ebooks are available everywhere quality hot stuff is sold.

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