Saturday, February 20, 2016


Let’s talk about love! RWA/NYC members share their thoughts on romance in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

By Joan Ramirez

My courtship was all about romance.  I met my husband after the 9/11 tragedy. Aware of my trauma, he did everything in his power to bring happiness back to my life. When we started dating, he told me that he was going to postpone renovations to his home so that he could court me. Every holiday and special occasion during our time together as friends, an engaged couple, and now, as man and wife, have been acknowledged with cards, small gifts, and quite often, flowers—usually yellow roses, my favorite.

By March of the following year, my job moved out of the city to permanent quarters in New Jersey. Now, I had to wait until after work to see my fella. As the loss of friends and the events of that horrid day sunk in, I found myself talking to Ivan more often. On his busiest day at work, he always made time for me.

As Christmas neared, my feelings for Ivan changed from that of a supportive ear to a potential soulmate. Every weekend spent together was an adventure—whether it was a walk through Central Park, a visit to a museum, a play, or just dinner, Ivan was a good conversationalist and listened. I was so proud to be in his company—a natty dresser-he did and still does make an impressive appearance.

As we approach the twelve-year mark in our marriage, I can say that my husband is still romantic. While our outings aren’t as elaborate as our first New Year’s eve at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, we still have fun together, and he’ll always be my one and only.♥

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Joan Ramirez has published three nonfiction books -- Jamie is Autistic (print and Kindle), Go for it Leadership Handbook for All students (audio), and Let it Go, Let it Flow Leadership (print). She has also published many short story mystery/suspense stories online as well as being a published photographer and freelance, award-winning journalist. By day, she's a part-time elementary teacher and just finished her first romance and is now working on a romantic suspense.

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