Friday, February 26, 2016


Let’s talk about love! RWA/NYC members share their thoughts on romance in celebration of Valentine’s Day.   

Happy Reading and Happy Book Cover Friday!

By Troy Storm

Valentine’s day is an anomaly for romance writers. Though the ultimate goal of the day seems to be to impress your loved one with floral tributes and imported chocolates—or local, I’ll take those, no problem—we writers know true love is built on a host of elements that most of our characters have to work through in order to arrive at the chocolates and flowers stage. I think I’ve learned plenty along with my characters in journeying them toward their happiness goal. I do know there’s plenty more to learn. Happy Valentine’s Day to all us learning Romance Writers!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Troy Storm’s latest, NO LOVE LOST, Book Six in the multi-authored Hearts of Braden series, has a host of learning multi-challenged romantics. Troy wishes them all a Happy Valentine’s Day, too!  Friend him on Facebook:

BOOK SUMMARY:  Ches is back in Braden in recovery from horrendous deployments in the Mid-east. Josey, even with his dark skin background, has become a respected businessman in the area and is the rock on which Ches is building his life. Undermining that rock, a well-meaning but clueless social worker storms into the picture to protect a client. Maddy clues herself in quickly, however, when she realizes she has awakened a whole new set of possibilities in the sexy trio that is anything but black and white.

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