Monday, November 27, 2017


All this week RWA/NYC Members are sharing
their tips and tricks for writing more, better & faster.
Happy Writing!

As far as writing faster, what’s worked for me recently is this: the Scrivener app installed on my cell phone and a Belkin Universal keyboard. I switched from Word to Scrivener software a few years ago. I love the way I can now color-code scenes for POV and move them around simply by dragging and dropping files. And when the Scrivener app came out recently, I was all over it for the portability.

No more having to open an email or Evernote file that I then had to import into the correct spot in my manuscript (though I sometimes still do this). The Belkin Universal keyboard has sometimes been temperamental interfacing with my iPhone software when it gets upgraded, but currently still functions well. I bought this particular keyboard because it works with multiple types of devices, and its open cover serves as a built-in stand. The keyboard is so light, thin and small, I can drop it into my purse and forget about it. I even bought a felt carrying case for it.

Now, when I’m stuck in the car, waiting for one kid or another to be done with soccer practice, I can easily add to my WIP.♥

Anna DePalo is the USA Today best-selling author of more than a dozen romance novels. Her most recent release is HOLLYWOOD BABY AFFAIR, the second in The Serenghetti Brothers series. You can find Anna online at, where you can sign up for her newsletter,, and


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