Monday, August 24, 2020


  Thank you for joining us for the past two weeks as we shined the spotlight on “HOT” excerpts from New York’s Leading Romance Authors.  We hope you have enjoyed our selections, and continue to Read Romance. 

by Anna Kensing

Instead of stepping back, he touched Declan’s face again, running the tips of his fingers lightly over Declan’s beard. “Soft,” he murmured in a low, lazy voice that hooked deep in Declan’s belly. “I thought so.” 

“Elliot,” Declan started, but Elliot pressed the pad of his index finger against Declan’s lower lip. “Shh,” he said and dragged his thumb across Declan’s lower lip. He cupped Declan’s jaw with his hand, then slid it to tangle in Declan’s hair at the back of his neck. Declan opened his mouth to ask what Elliot was doing but before he got any words out, Elliot bent his head and put his mouth on Declan’s.

His lips were soft, and Declan closed his eyes to enjoy the kiss for just a second. Just two seconds, and he’d push Elliot back and remind him that he didn’t want to be doing this with Declan. But Elliot’s tongue slipped in between Declan’s lips and lightly traced the edges of his teeth. Declan let a soft sigh escape and opened a bit more when Elliot pushed in, sliding his tongue alongside Declan’s. Elliot slid his other hand from Declan’s shoulder up his neck, tilting Declan’s face to a better angle, deepening the kiss and sucking Declan’s tongue into his mouth. He tasted of whiskey, and Declan suddenly felt as drunk as Elliot must be.

Declan lost track of how long they stood there, kissing. Each time he pulled back, Elliot tightened his fingers in Declan’s hair and pulled him closer. #

Anna Kensing writes steamy paranormal historical romances that flirt with taboo. Her characters are often weird, mostly queer, and always get their happily-ever-after. Eventually. When she's not thinking about writing, she's usually thinking about her next tattoo. Visit her at