Tuesday, May 5, 2020


with Maria Ferrer

Good morning.  Time for a writing prompt.  Time for Paper Dolls.

Look at the photo above. See the couple. How they sit, who or what are they looking at, how are they reacting to each other.


* Give them Names.
*  Is this a first meet? first date? first anything?
*  Are they attracted to each other? how can you tell?
*  Are you writing a contemporary, historical? Sweet? Sexy? Horror?!

You get the picture. (Pun intended.)

So look at the Paper Doll and write a quick character sketch, or what you think the scene is about.  Please post in the comment section.

We’ll see you next week with the next Paper Doll.  Happy Writing.♥

Maria Ferrer has always loved playing with Paper Dolls. They stimulate her creativity. She loves imagining who the people are, where they are going, what's going to happen next! Sometimes it’s the girl next door or the killer around the corner or the lovebirds at the airport. All great scenarios. All great writing prompts. And practice makes perfect….she hopes.


1 comment:

  1. Maria felt lonely again. Being imprisoned by this damned virus, she felt angry as well as sad. So imaginative as she is, Maria keeping in mind a six foot circle around her went for a walk in the park. The sun embraced her and the warmth touched her heart.
    She went and sat on her favorite bench and thought of sweet happenings from days gone by.
    Sandy angered by this lack of human contact was walking through the park when he noticed the woman with the serene smile. She had her face looking up towards the sun and he wanted desperately to talk to her.
    "I cannot sit next to you but since I am six feet away I can speak to you. I'm Sandy."
    "I'm Maria."
    "Are you as angry as I?"
    "How did you know? I detest this virus. Why did it happen?"
    This was to be the beginning of an hour long conversation which ended with an exchange of phone numbers and the realization that they had lived one block apart for six years.
    Now it turned into a friendship. They speak every day and they are planning to meet for dinner. Sandy's cooking. Maria is bringing the wine.