Monday, July 20, 2020


By Eunice Shin
Hallmark Publishing Editorial Assistant
July 15, 2020


 Hallmark Publishing Run-Down
o   The business started in Fall 2017
o   We went from companion novels in only ebook format to original fiction in trade paperback, ebook, audiobook, and sometimes a second run in mass market size.
o   Each book has the potential to be considered for a movie
§  The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle was our first book that was turned into a movie! Others are in discussions.
o   Most books deals start out as proposals
o   If we do go forward with your book/proposal, there is a typical advance + royalty contract with an additional lump sum if your book gets made into a movie!
o   Marketing Insights
§  We’re good at getting advance reviews
§  We use BookBub a lot, to great success
§  Each book gets a 15 second TV commercial on Hallmark Channel
§  Authors sometimes go on Hallmark’s national talk show, Home & Family
·       Usually making the recipe and talking about the book

·       What We’re Looking For/Soft Spots
o   Right now, we’re closed to unagented submissions but if you’re here, you’re welcome to send in proposals for G-rated romance and cozy mysteries to Stacey and copy Eunice
o   We’re interested in a range of stories, from romcoms to more heartfelt and poignant stories, but nothing too tragic or dire
o   Diversity is a huge priority for us!
§  We’re excited about the diverse stories in our 2021 lineup
§  LGBTQ+, Asian, Black, Interracial romance/cozy mysteries are all welcome
·       We’d love to show a supportive community for LGBTQ+ characters because we want to model supportive families and communities
§  We are open to have immigrant romances/cozy mysteries
o   Plus-sized heroines welcome
§  ONLY if her character arc and conflict are not about losing weight
o   We get a lot of Christmas proposals (which are our best sellers) but there are more slots for non-Christmas stories
o   We want more fun beach reads J
o   We love seasonal tie-ins (not necessarily Christmas)
o   We love to see family, friendship and community subplots
§  Especially brothers and family reconciliation
o   We love widowed/single parents
o   Secondary Senior romance
o   Animals!
§  We love having shelter dogs/rescue mutts
·       Animals CANNOT be in any kind of distressing situations
o   Urban Setting is okay!
§  We prefer big cities to be real, small towns are usually fictional, medium sized cities can be real or fictional
o   Aspirational Locations
§  If it’s a foreign country, we like to have one character be American so that they’re an audience surrogate
o   Word Count: 75,000 words is our sweet spot

·      If we acquire your book, you get trade paperback, audiobook, ebook, and then maybe mass market paperback and the movie.

·      Things We Don’t Like
o   Wills with weird conditions for inheritance
o   Secret babies
o   Evil ex as main conflict
o   Too much kissing :D

·      Proposals
o   We love series! For cozy mystery, we only want series
§  In your proposal, address the other books in a paragraph
o   Like a synopsis
o   Clear idea of who the main characters are, goals, and character arcs
o   2-4 pages
o   Half of proposals fail because the hero’s obstacle to romance isn’t there
§  Both characters must overcome personal obstacles to love
o   There has to be a reason for the characters to interact and connect in the story
§  This could be a shared goal (holiday toy drive), next-door neighbors, etc.
§  Think of reasons for close proximity
§  Think about why these characters are perfect for each other on a soul level…and what’s keeping them apart?
o   Our submission guidelines are posted on our website!
o   Stacey will send over an example of a successful proposal

·      How many books are we doing?
o   Around 14-15 lined up per year

·      A Few Possible Conflicts
o   Opposing career goals (like in South Beach Love by Caridad Pineiro)
o   Opposites attract…they get on each other’s nerves at first
o   Family goals get in the way of romance
o   Boss too ethical to date employee (Stacey added this after the call)
o   Playful enemies to lovers is okay!
§  Argumentative banter is okay but nothing too mean or extreme

·      Successful Tropes
o   Friendship/Family/Community reconciliation themes
o   Royal
o   Cowboys
o   Second Chance Romance
o   Friends to Lovers
o   We love matchmaking kids!

·      Pandemic Romance
o   No—we’re hoping that by the time it came out, it would be dated
o   We also avoid stories where the action happens only in one place

·       Historicals?
o   We don’t do them right now
o   Also, we don’t do paranormal per se, but we have done stories with small touches of magic though

·       Production Time
o   We’re lengthening our lead times
o   If we do acquire your work, it will depend on when it fits into the production schedule
o   We’ll come to an agreement with you on delivery dates, knowing you may have other projects in progress
o   As for movies, what you’ve heard about Hollywood is true—things can stay in up in the air a long time and then become a reality fast, so we really can’t say when books will become movies

·      Cozy Mysteries
o   Emphasis on cozy, nothing too gory
o   No infidelity as a reason for murder

·      How Long Until You Hear Back?
o   Ranges because we are a very small team
o   If it takes more than 8 weeks, bump it back to the top of our inboxes J

·      Since our backlist is so small still, stay away from these for a while because we’ve done them
o   Bakers
o   Reality TV setting
o   Authors as main characters
o   The name Aidan/Aiden

·      What About Snarky Dialogue?
o   Nothing mean; our characters don’t even think mean things
o   Main characters can judge people for being mean, unethical, etc.
o   Hard pass on fat shaming, making fun of appearances, snobbery

·      Covers?
o   Historically, authors don’t have much say in the covers because our lead times were so short and we have to get several people’s approval
o   We have a house look: we don’t show faces, and for romance, we often focus on a beautiful setting
o   Now, we reach out and ask/try to involve the authors into the cover conversation more and more

   Printed with permission. Copyright Eunice Shin.

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