Monday, July 13, 2020


Every week RWA/NYC will Spotlight one of its Members.  
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How are you staying sane during this pandemic?
CATHERINE:  I am writing, gardening, making masks and taking my beagle for walks. I’m brainstorming my third historical witch book, and I’m also working on a shared world paranormal shifter romance, my first shifter tale. It’s a fun departure!


1.    Witches. Shifters. Oh my.  Catherine writes historical fantasy, paranormal romance, young adult, and is developing a romantic suspense series.

2.    A former panster, she has learned she’s better off constructing a rudimentary plot. She free-writes the first chapter or two to get a feel for the story, then buckles down and writes a three-page synopsis.  The synopsis will change as she goes, but it is still a good roadmap.

3.    She prefers to write mid-afternoon until dinner, around 7:30pm. Hopefully, someone else is making dinner while she writes.

4.    She loves classical music – The Russian Romantics – and soul –R&B.  However, no music while she is writing, which is funny because when she used to paint she had music on all the time.

5.    Catherine has set a bunch of books in shady beach towns.  She loves the ocean, the beach and the boardwalk.  Her latest romance, WITCH OF THE WILD BEASTS, is set in old Philadelphia, which was fun for her since she grew up there and knows the city well.

6.    Her secret crushes are Tom Hardy and Joachim Phoenix.  She’s partial to dark haired, intense, tortured men.

7.    Her favorite level of sexual tension is mid-heat.  Catherine doesn’t do erotica where characters jump into bed a lot.  Instead, she likes to develop a complex plot and add a few steamy scenes.

8.    Catherine’s favorite author is Paula Brackston. She writes romantic historical fantasies set in lush Welsh countryside. Plus, her witches rock!

9.   Catherine made the USA Today bestseller lists in the summer of 2016.

10.  Her book, WITCH OF THE WILD BEASTS, won second place in the Valley Forge Romance Writers' Sheila Contest.  Plus, she's earned two New York Public Library Best Books for Teens!!

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