Monday, August 3, 2020


Every week RWA/NYC will Spotlight one of its Members.

Just a fun way for readers to meet 

New York's Leading Romance Authors.

How are you staying sane during this pandemic pause?
ANNA:  I’m an introvert so it wasn’t a big jolt to my routine. Everybody else: welcome to the pleasures of staying home! Also, I’m a fairly optimistic person so I tend not to worry too much until the phone call comes, the basement is actually flooded, etc.


1.    A Brooklyn native, Anna graduated from Harvard and practiced intellectual property law, but now calls writing her passion.

2.    Her books have hit the USA Today and Kindle Top 100 best-selling list. Her contemporary romances have been published in over 20 countries and have sold 2 million copies!

3.    Anna’s a “light” plotter.  She works off a synopsis, sometimes a short outline, but she usually ends up diverging from the plan. She also uses visuals – photos of what settings and characters look like.

4.    She loves both an HEA and an HRN, but writes HEAs.

5.    She likes her book with lots of tension, plenty of banter, and a sprinkling of heat.

6.    Her favorite city to set a romance novel comes as no surprise.  It’s New York City.

7.    Anna should write in the morning when she is fresh, but these days it’s often early evening when she can sit and write.

8.    She sometimes writes with the music on to block out distractions, and to help get into the right frame of mind. She likes pop/rock.  She also uses scents to get in the mood – a romantic hand cream, essential oils, etc.

9.    Her secret crushes are Colin Firth for a long time, and Henry Golding who is definitely swoon-worthy.

10. Anna writes contemporary romances, but she likes reading historical romances for the change of pace. She likes Tessa Dare’s Girl Meets Duke series.  (She has a weakness for Dukes.) Anna also reads memoirs, popular culture books and writing/grammar reference books.