Tuesday, June 17, 2014

MEET HERO: Benjamin Thomas from A QUESTION OF CLASS by Julia Tagan

Welcome to RWA/NYC’s Hero Blog Tour.
We are interviewing Heroes from New York’s Romance Authors.  You met their Leading Ladies last month.  We know you’ll fall in love with each of these heroes.  We did! 

Q:  We have to know, boxers or briefs?
Tricky question, as in the early 1800s men wore what were called linings under our breeches. More boxer than brief, I would say.

Q:  Tell us your story.
I’ve come to New York City to seek revenge on the man who was responsible for my sister’s death. I figured I’d first get a job within his household, then figure out the best method of ruining him. Unfortunately, he’s asked me to keep a close eye on his defiant young wife until he returns to town. I thought at first she was a spoiled, pampered thing but it appears there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Q:  What was the first think you noticed about the heroine?
It was a dark night, so I could barely make her out. She was alone on a deserted road, her carriage was stuck in a rut and her horse had fled. What first struck me was her impertinence. She demanded that I take her to New York City that very evening. As I grew closer, I realized she was a great beauty, and her eyes were enormous and the color of topaz.

Q:  Is the Heroine a sweetheart or a vixen? Does she help or hinder you?
Vixen all the way. She’s done nothing but try to run out from under my watch these first few days. I’ll be out of a job soon if I’m not able to better control her. Yet there’s something vulnerable about her as well. If it didn’t interfere with my plans to ruin her husband, I might be quite tempted by the girl.

Q:  Describe your author.
Julia Tagan lives with her husband and goldendoodle in New York City. A journalist by training, she enjoys weaving actual events and notorious individuals into her historical romances. Her favorite activities include walking her dog in Central Park, scouring farmers’ markets for the perfect tomato, and traveling to foreign cities in search of inspiration.♥

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