Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bits & Pieces: Isabo Kelly

This is the first installment of Bits & Pieces. Here we are going to do profiles of authors and more. I wanted to do them in the vein of this profile I had seen on Urban Daddy. How lucky was I that in choosing Isabo Kelly as my guinea pig that I was going to get a profile that had even better bits than this? Isabo and I decided to meet at Viva Pancho where at first it was going to be just three of us. It ended up being 10 and a half of us--including Isabo's delectable son Jack--sipping margaritas. Yet, somehow, even more telling about than anything you will read below, at no point did Isabo lose contact with me. Her warmth and attention, even in the midst of a noisy restaurant on a Friday night, revealed how, as an author, she is so skilled at developing relationships between her characters. In snatches before the second pitcher of margaritas, I had everything I could have wanted and more for my profile as she joked how our party kept expanding. So I am going to reveal to you much in the same way that she whispered to me these little bits, and ironically enough, some of the things mentioned in the profile that inspired me in the first place:
My mother was a rodeo queen and I grew up around cowboys and they are not particularly sexy. They smell like horse manure. Corsets are not comfortable.
(about Inglourious Basterds)I did not go expecting anything in particular. It was a really good black comedy. Very powerful and yet that underlying sense of black humor. Love that she (Melanie Laurent in the Urban Daddy profile) was also a porn director - love that kind of French laissez faire. We (women) do not write erotic romance novels for men, we write them for women. Why I believe in reincarnation. My grandma had been pregnant and the baby was suffocated - it got wrapped up in the cord - on May 14. When my mom was pregnant they had her hooked up to the fetal heart monitor. Because her pregnancy was so normal they were using her as a model. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and I was born around noon on May 14. So I think that I was originally intended to be her (my mother's) sister. Family Guy is the best. Everything that Family Guy does is brilliant. I can't believe I am at the age I am. I don't feel grown up. Tom Selleck with moustache, he has to have the moustache. Kevin Kline is one of the sexiest men ever--but he has to have the moustache. I'm not like a Charmed witch, obviously. I tend to call myself a green witch because of my focus on the nature end of things I'm a pagan in my belief system --I call my deity Lady, She, Goddess and like the duality of having a God and Goddess. I like to appreciate nature and what it gives us. The most important thing for me is that I'm what's called a Solitary. I don't belong to a coven or anything like that.


  1. Great tidbits of wisdom and humor. Congrats to Fidencia and Isabo on a wonderful post!


  2. Far superior to Barbar Walters and it certainly sounds like a lot more fun (I suspect Isabo didn't even cry - as BW's guests so often do!). Sorry we didn't get to hear any insight on Mom from Jack, but he is, after all the strong and silent type.

    Must agree wholeheartedly on the mustache thing (though sadly I've "gone off" Mr. Selleck since his Rosie rant on guns, but fond memories of Magnum PI and A High Road To China linger.

    Variety is obviously the spice of Ms. Kelly's life. Fascinating intel!

  3. Thanks very much for the lovely evening, Fidencia and the great and very different kind of interview. I had such fun! And yes, Lise, I didn't cry even once! I'll take Fidencia over BW any day :)

  4. I enjoyed the post Fidencia. Some fascinating insights from Isabo. I believe in reincarnation also - what a story. Thanks for interview.

  5. "They smell like horse manure." That sentence just triggered an idea for a story. Thanks to Fidencia for a new style of interview. I've learned more about Isabo the woman, as well as "bits and pieces" of Isabo the author. Congratulations to both Ladies. PS--I like margaritas and corsets. Mine are comfortable; must be modern ones.

  6. What a delightful surprize. Soooo refreshing!