Monday, February 1, 2010


By Karen Cino

Instead of writing a typical blog, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share with you my second passion….writing poetry. I found that there is no better way to express yourself but through words.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about giving and receiving. It is about sharing the passion that two people have for each other. Chocolates, flowers and jewelry are wonderful ways to show your affection, but a gift from the heart is priceless.

A few years ago, I wrote a collection of poems, published them and gave them to my boyfriend. These were the poems that I had written and posted on I’d like to share one of my poems as part of the Valentine’s Day celebration. My relationship with him is Magical, which is the reason why my muse of always flowing.

The Magician

With you the window of opportunity is endless.
There is always magic in the air
from the moment you stepped into my life.

I try to be original every time we are together
keeping the magic between us alive.

We share a certain confidence
never afraid to explore
or express our physical and emotional needs.

Hours after we part
I still possess the initiative to create
opening my mind and soul
sending my pen flowing with the muse.

Being with you means that I can succeed
in any endeavor I take on.
You build my self-confidence
encouraging me to keep on writing
always complimenting me on my muse
knowing the words I have written
come from the magic we share as one.

We are The Magicians
here to take you on a magic carpet ride
full of love, laughter and harmony.♥

Karen Cino is an author, poet and former journalist. She is a single mom living in Staten Island New York with her two children, Michael and Nicole, along with her feline extended family: Whiskers, Frankie and Olli.  Presently, Karen is serving as President of the RWA New York City Chapter. She is shopping for a home for her novel, ROSES, and is working on her next novel , MYSTICAL WONDERS.


  1. Karen, what a beautiful poem--perfect for St. Valentine's day or for any time. I read it three times. Elizabeth Palladino

  2. Lovely, Karen. Your poem encapsulates everything that a true love is supposed to be.

  3. True love should be as your poem suggests, magical. Beautiful poem. Loved it, Anne

  4. Karen: Just so lovely to read your poignant poetry from the heart. Thank you for sharing your sentiments, which are so inspiring. Polly

  5. You captured the essence of St. Valentine's Day sans the commercial hype so prevalent with every holiday. It's good to step back and see the beauty in every holiday, including the holiday of the heart

  6. What a wonderful sentiment and a truly beautiful poem. Thank you for the early valentine!