Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bits & Pieces: Mageela Troche

by F. Solomon

The Starbucks where we had planned to meet was so congested, so we decided to meet at another Starbucks that was inevitably close by. Mageela was sitting with her iPad, propped up and looking like the quintessential writer there. I was not surprised to see her looking so at home.

From the time I met her at one of my first RWANYC meetings, Mageela has such an aura about her, like she knows things and has done things that the rest of us can benefit from just by being close to her. Her passion for writing and her desire to elevate her craft always evident. The beauty of doing Bits and Pieces is that I always am inspired and motivated by my subjects. Mageela is no different--a shared love of Apple products, fashion and of course, the bond with all of my RWANYC sisters and brothers, the love of romance, facilitated an easy conversation between us, as her perspective illumined and elevated mine. Beautiful inside and out, people kept coming up to us drawn to her. Her smile sweet and engaging, accepting apologies for the intrusion, but neither of us really minded. You cannot blame anyone for being to drawn to Mageela's star.  Follow it below....

I love the color pink so much. I was born in pink hospital in Honolulu. For me, Honolulu is my real home.

When I was about 6 or 7 living in Panama, my mother would drop me off at Sunday School. Instead of heading into the school, I would head to my friends house and ride her bike. Meanwhile, she was at school. When it came time for pick up I would put back the bike and head back to the school so my mom could pick me up. I finally confessed to her (what I did) when I was about 12 years old.

My favorite Supermodel in the world is Beverly Johnson. And many years ago, some company produce dolls of her, Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Teigs. At Bloomingdales, Beverly Johnson was going to be there, as the Ford agency was looking for Supermodel of the World contestants. Anyway, I begged my mother to take me. I didn't care about the contest . At that point in my life, my plan was to be an actress, a serious one like Merly Streep. Of course, the store was crammed with young girls. Then in walk Eileen Ford. Girls are going crazy. I turn around and there is this woman, she grabs my face and says, "Beautiful.  Come see me." She asked me how tall I was and who I came with. My mom is beside me. Eileen Ford hands her a card and tells my mom to come see her. I never went. I don't want to be a model.

I had gone out dancing and when I returned I wanted to lay down in the living room. We had a lazy boy recliner. It's back was facing me. I stare at it as the chair started to turn around toward me. The windows were closed and the air stilled. It stopped right in front of me. This thing started to rock at a relaxed pace. And there on the seat, I see this elderly woman in this soft light and shadowed. I don't know who she is. Then she vanishes and the chair stops. I went to sleep; it wasn't the first time I dealt with ghost. A short time later, my mother and I head to our grandparents home. They're cleaning up and there are all this black and white pictures. And there is a picture of the woman in the recliner. I tell my mom that's the woman I saw. IT was my great-grandmother who died before I was born. At least she was family and not so rogue ghost just stopping by.

I was put in ballet when I was two because I was pigeon-toed and that's what would correct my legs. For twelve years, I dance for conservatories. I missed an Audition for Nutcracker. I hated ballet. When people said how beautiful it was or how graceful and ladylike, I saw the hours spent at the bar. The days when your friends when out to play and I was stuck inside a studio dancing the same thing over and over again. It suffocated me. And I didn't have the problems  of other girls like those who tried to make weigh. I rather have been playing football than pirouetting on my toes.

I got my first Mac back in college at Syracuse. It had a black and white screen but it was cool. I love my macs. Right now, the love of my life is my desktop. Oh so beautiful. Once we had a little grease pan fire in my house and I was planning my escape, just grabbed my desktop and run. That was what I would save in a fire. Crazy mac love.

I studied fashion design at FIT. I love fashion. I subscribe to Vogue, Elle and a dozen other magazines. But there at FIT, I hated it. I felt like I was in a sweatshop but I was paying them.

I used to smoke and the idea of heaven is reading romance novels with a cigarette in my hand. Perfection!

Being an Air Force brat teaches you a great deal about the world and people. And I know the national Anthem, the pledge of allegiance. As a kid living on Air Force bases, you are treated like little soldiers. I always said, our parents might have enlisted but we were drafted. You stand at attention, a six am and pm, you stop wherever you are, whether driving home or walking.  You park the car, you stop walking, and you stand and salute the flag. I felt a lot of pressure because my father was an officer and I should have known better. It didn't matter that I was a kid.


  1. Hi Mageela,

    What a journey. Loved reading about you!

  2. Thank you. It's a weird moment when I read this article and I can only think is OMG that's me.