Wednesday, March 30, 2011


by F.Solomon

I saw a line in the Village Voice years ago that said, Love Makes Fools of Us All.  

I clipped it out and taped it onto the journal of poetry I was writing at that time. It resonated with me because it is true -- at some point, we have all done something foolish in the name of love.

Love has a way of making you not see clearly. Rose color when it is dark and murky, or just things that you do to impress someone that maybe were not as cleverly executed as what was in your head.

I have no desire to share any of the foolish things I have done, or what anyone else has done for that matter, but the foolish things we do for love saved me. I hate April Fool's Day.  I see nothing amusing at all about the things that people do to fool each other, but when Maria and I were brainstorming about monthly themes for Keynotes for the year (the fruit of which you will see very soon), "Fool for Love" seemed the best theme for April I could come up with. Believe me I was not disappointed, and with contributions from Tara Nina. Cathy Greenfeder and Mingmei Yip among others, you will not be disappointed either!

Love is a learning curve and so is writing.  The way that your script looks when you are learning to write is not the way the script will look after practice.  You have to fall a few times while learning ballet.  We look silly learning how to do anything. The same could be said of learning to love. 

The thing with love is that hopefully you get better and better the more you love. Love is what makes the world go round.  For all the naysayers who think love is all pink and frilly, Love is the most solid element on the earth.  And, it will make fools of us all.

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