Monday, March 7, 2011


By Karen Cino, Chapter President

Okay, so it’s my time to blog. Wow. I’ve been sitting here at my desk staring at a blank screen, and haven’t had any interruptions at all. The house phone’s volume is on off, the cell phone on silence and the kids sleeping. There are absolutely no excuses at all not to be able to sit down and write.

Everything’s done, the dishes, laundry, even the bathrooms. I’ve come to the conclusion that my work space in totally out of control; too many things hanging around causing me not to be able to concentrate. [I’m hearing another excuse coming on.] This time, I’m not going to let it get the best of me. I am going to quickly clear of my desk, just like in the movies, but instead of throwing my man down on the desk, it will be my MacBookPro instead.

Desk cleared, candle lit, I am now ready to start working. Just as I’m about to start, I spot the sticky that says, “25th Anniversary”. Damn. I almost forgot about that. I swivel in my chair, grab my notebook from my bed—which serves as my credenza—and pull out my notes:

• Cookbook
• Mini Conference
• Kathryn Hayes Love & Laughter Contest
• Golden Apple Awards
• Chapter Retreat

This year, the board has decided to shake things up and make new traditions, which we hope will last another 25 years.

I am really excited about the Chapter Cookbook. All of our members will have the opportunity to share a secret family recipe. Our cookbook will also have our Chapter’s history and a list of all our members, along with their websites.

Our Mini Conference in August is in the developmental stages. There will be something for everyone. The Board is very excited about this project, and hope that it will continue to grow in the years to come.

The Kathryn Hayes Love & Laughter Contest is the place to showcase those funny scenes between the hero and heroine. It’s also one of the best ways to capture an editor’s attention, especially if it’s one of the top three finalists. It’s an awesome contest and our professional panel of judges always gives a thorough critique of your entry. Please check our chapter website——for additional information.

Our Golden Apple Awards will be on September 15th. Mark your calendars. Our Honorees will be announced in July. Check our website——for updates, as well as Facebook ( and Twitter (

Our Chapter Retreat will be sometime in October. We are thinking about a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Information will follow, as we research and make plans.

And, as I mentioned at the beginning, this year, RWANYC celebrates 25 Years. Our Silver Anniversary is going to be a blast with so many wonderful ideas in place. The Board of Directors is looking forward to a wonderful year.†

Karen Cino is President of RWANYC. She writes contemporary women’s fiction.


  1. So many fun things to look forward to this year! I think I'm going to have to enlist more nanny time so I can participate more. The chapter retreat sounds especially exciting :)

  2. Wow you make it sound like such a fun year! The mini-con and the retreat sound fabulous. And it's always wonderful to make new traditions!