Monday, December 19, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions – Make Them or Break Them

by C.H. Admirand

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions about ten years ago. Why don’t I jump in line with the rest of those eager to start the year off right and make changes in my life for the better?

Ahh, that’s because I know me. I used to make lavish resolutions: Prepare fabulous gourmet dinners for our family of five; keep our home sparkling clean and photogenically (hmmm…probably not a word, but it should be) ready for when the photographers from House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens magazines show up on our doorstep; dazzle my darling husband until his eyes cross and his socks end up in our neighbor’s yard (if you don’t understand the reference, don’t fret, just email me at for clarification); and write three un-put-downable novels in one year.

Are you still wondering why I don’t make resolutions? I suppose you’re still young and impressionable and haven’t hit the sandwich years yet (those of us who still have twenty-something children living at home and are taking care of a parent or parents, whether your parents live with you, or in a nursing home, etc. you are caught between two generations.) This year we’ve added yet one more generation with the birth of our grandson.

Life is so full of ups and downs that we have to remember to embrace the ups when we can, and forge ahead through the downs when we must—with dogged determination knowing that whatever we do, it will be the best we can do at that particular moment in time.

Which leads me to the part about writing three un-put-downable books in one year...a particular goal of mine, however, between writing deadlines, family, and a darling new grandbaby, I’m setting my sights and goals to be attainable: two un-put-downable books per year…working up to four or more for next year. And they will be the best books that I can possibly write at that particular moment in time.

As for the gourmet meals: our oldest son, Phil loves to cook, and for that we are all extremely grateful. The other night he wowed us with Beef Bourguignon. It was melt-in-your-mouth delectable. When I asked him where he got the recipe he laughed—apparently it’s my recipe—BUT he actually follows the recipe verbatim instead of my winging it and using the recipe as a guideline. He’s getting closer to buying his first house, and I’m still wondering what we’ll eat when he does. Probably go back to eating the 3 Ps when I’m on deadline: Pizza, Pasta, and Peanut Butter!

Keeping our home sparkling clean and ready for that photo shoot? HAH! Not happening until I earn enough for a maid, promotion for my books, attending reader events and conferences, and buying diapers to have on hand for when our darling grandson visits. LOL!

Now the one thing I do try to do is dazzle my darling husband. This actually ties in quite well with my on-going research for the love scenes in my books. You’ve gotta love a man with broad shoulders, sparkling green eyes, and a strong back. My darling husband Dave is my hero.

Soooo…this year, my resolution is once again, NOT to make a resolution, but to tackle each day as it comes, meeting my writing deadlines, and all of the other responsibilities that come with being a part of the sandwich generation. This year’s deadline is more doable than last year’s December 31st deadline. The good news is that I’m on schedule…tweaking the first book in my new Small Town USA series for Sourcebooks: A WEDDING IN PURITY which I will be turning in on schedule (Dec.15th), and the copyedits for JESSE’s story due five days later! Best of all, I still have time to buy Christmas presents!♥

With eight short stories and thirteen novels to her credit, this award-winning, multi-published author’s books are available in paperback, hardcover, e-book, trade paperback, and magazine. DYLAN will releases Jan. 2, 2012, JESSE will release July 2, 2012, and A WEDDING IN PURITY will release November 2, 2012 from Sourcebooks. To read excerpts, stop by her website at .

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