Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WRITERCARE: Travelers' Thrombosis--A Concern for Writers?

By Elizabeth Knowles Palladino

Computer users may be at some risk of Travelers’ Thrombosis, a threat for airline passengers who sit immobile for long periods of time in cramped positions. Blood clots can form in the deep leg veins when a person sits still too long without stretching or walking. Most of these clots dissolve on their own, but there is some potential for unhealthy complications.

Writers who spend long hours at the computer can protect themselves from this potential health issue. First, they need to take regular breaks, getting up and moving around. At least every thirty minutes while seated, they should do some of the following exercises several times:

1. Raise and lower the heels while keeping the toes on the floor. Then raise the toes while keeping the heels on the floor.

2. Extend the legs and flex the ankles, pulling up and spreading the toes, then pushing down and curling the toes. Rotate the ankles, making circles in the air with the toes.

3. Exercise the thigh muscles by sitting with the feet flat on the floor. Slide the feet forward a few inches; slide them back, and repeat. Extend the legs; then flex and release the thigh muscles.

Don’t let a deep vein thrombosis clot your writing career!♥

Elizabeth Knowles Palladino lives in Kingston, New York, where she works in health care and writes medieval romance.

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