Wednesday, May 30, 2012


By John Lovelady

Good girl, bad girl…have to admit, ladies. They're you.

When I first started writing romance around fifteen years ago, I joined both RWA National and local chapters, at the time both Los Angeles RWA and NYC/RWA, and very soon after critique groups, most of whose members were women.

You came in all shapes and sizes and ages and you were, and are, intense, dedicated and aspiring.

Women writers, or at least women romance writers, have a purpose. They have stories to tell and they want to be published. Most of the women I know are purposeful and very often dedicated, but romance writers tend to be unique in that they are fully prepared and more than willing to talk about how to achieve those goals. They are practical and down to earth and startlingly pragmatic.

Does the plot work? Are the situations believable? Would a guy react that way? Would a woman? Yes. No. Maybe. Let's talk about it. Let me tell you what I know….

The social situation is totally different from the usual one between women and men. Women romance writers will talk about emotions, intimate situations and interactions between both sexes under all sorts of dramatic and ordinary conditions. And with the rise of erotica, how to express and make vivid intimacies that don't normally come up in professional discussions. And those opinions are as varied and heartfelt as the individual writer. Everyone has their own story to tell and whether we get into personal history or not, we get unique opinions on unique situations.

I can't imagine being able to write about women and men with the confidence I do without the input and passion you've expressed over the years. It has been, and continues to be, a great experience. Thank you, ladies -- both good and 'bad.'♥

John Lovelady has had several hundred short stories published in magazines that mostly no longer exist or are barely hanging on; an ebook that does exist even after ten or so years (let's hear it for ebooks!), NEVER LOVE A NAKED P.I. by Elizabeth Maynor, and is venturing into various types of erotica that seem to exist like spring flowers eager to bust forth in full bloom.

HEROES BLOG TOUR.  Starting June 1st, RWA/NYC's members will be talking about their heroes -- real and imaginary.  Do stop by and meet them!


  1. Such a lovely compliment from a true gentleman - as well as a talented romance author himself! I must be thankful to the RWA/NYC chapter for many reasons, but one is the terrific people who have been members, of whom John is one of the best!

  2. Thank you John. Great post!