Wednesday, June 27, 2012


By Del Carmen

I have always been fascinated with Bond, James Bond, aka Agent 007.   He is the ultimate hero -- loyal, fierce, determined, experienced and very sexy!

007 is suave, sophisticated, cultured and has the best toys.  However, behind that perfectly pressed tuxedo is a man with a license to and out of bed. 

Here are the many faces of James Bond -- 007 -- for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

The Original

The Legend

The Sophisticate

The Tormented

The Ladies Man

The Heir 

Del Carmen likes her heroes to be strong and loyal.  James Bond is one she would never kick out of bed.  To learn more about Del Carmen, visit her at

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  1. I love James Bond too. Sean Connery is the legend and the original one. George came when Sean left then came back after One movie. I think Sean did the perfect blend of Rouge, gentleman, and man of danger.

  2. And Barry Nelson played the very first cinematic James Bond for a television production of Casino Royale! Certainly a Bond for every taste, eh?