Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MEET HERO: Dr. Marcus Sandler from HONEY by Hope Tarr & Jenna Jameson

Welcome to RWA/NYC’s Hero Blog Tour.
We are interviewing Heroes from New York’s Romance Authors.  You met their Leading Ladies last month.  We know you’ll fall in love with each of these heroes.  We did! 


Q:  We have to know – boxers or briefs?

Q:   Where do you work and what kind of car do you drive?
I work in the ER of Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan. Like most native New Yorkers, I don’t own a car. I lease a rental when I need to drive outside the city.

Q:   Have you ever posed for a Male Calendar? Would you? If so, what month would you be and why?
Ladies, pul-ease. I am a respected and respectable physician—though I have been known to get my “Magic Mike” on a time or two—but only in the service of saving Honey.

Q:   Tell us your story.
I grew up in Spanish Harlem, one of four kids raised by our widowed mother. My mom is old school, strict but fair. You might even say she was my first hero. Through hard work and sacrifice, I got myself to college and later to medical school. I chose emergency medicine as my field because I felt it was where I could help the most, make the greatest impact in the real lives of real people. But the burnout rate among emergency medical personnel is high for good reason. The shit—stuff—you see blows your mind and sometimes your faith in your fellow man (and woman). For sure Honey Gladwell wasn’t the first victim of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) to end up on my exam table but, you know, there was something about her—the way she held herself despite the dire situation, the whip smart comebacks she came up with, the misguided loyalty and pride she so stubbornly hung onto—that had me seeing her as more than another case, another “victim.”

Q:   What was the first thing you noticed about the Heroine?
Her fractured wrist and blackened eye, unfortunately. You see, her married “boyfriend,” Drew Winterthur, hit the scotch too hard and ended up hitting Honey, too. Son-of-a-bitch did a real number on her. Her injuries landed her in my ER. That’s how we met. Once we did, I couldn’t seem to get her out of my head. I broke a bunch of rules, and possibly several laws, by showing up at her Park Avenue apartment to make sure she was okay, but I couldn’t stop myself. Something about her was—is—just so special. The rest, as they say, is history. ((grin))

Q:   Describe her looks.
She’s gorgeous, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I’ve never known anyone like her before. She looks a lot like the legendary screen actress Audrey Hepburn—they both have brown hair, soulful brown eyes, and slender bodies. And of course the clothes and makeup and hairstyle all help. I mean, she really works it, goes all out to cultivate the resemblance. But what I call her “upside down” mouth makes her unique—and totally sexy. I just wish she’d spend a little more time being herself.

Q:   Is the Heroine a sweetheart or a vixen? Does she help or hinder you?
Honey is equal parts both, a sexy woman-child with a wild side. Fortunately the latter only comes out when we’re alone—or in a dark movie theater. ((blushes))

Q:   Do you believe in Happy Ever After or Happy Right Now?
I’d like to think Honey and I have HEA in our future but sometimes I’m not so sure. I know this much: I’m crazy about her. Flat out over the freakin’ moon in love. I just wish she’d let down some of those barriers she’s put up and be herself. How many times have I said, “Just be real with me, baby.” Really, it’s all I’ve ever asked. And yet…Sometimes I feel like she’s still playing a part—and maybe playing me, too. She’s definitely keeping some seriously heavy secrets from me.

Q:   Who’s your favorite superhero – Captain America, Superman, Iron Man, Batman?
Iron Man—what I could do with that suit, starting with sweeping Miss Honey straight off her dainty feet.

Q:   Describe your author.
Oh, Hope is cool. She cares about Honey almost as much as I do, which is why she keeps encouraging her to become her own person, including getting her GED and pursuing her passion, photography, rather than falling back into her previous pattern of relying solely on a man—even if that man is me. Hope’s the author of twenty-five novels including HONEY as well as a cofounder and current curator of Lady Jane’s Salon®, NYC’s first—and still only—monthly romance reading series, now in its sixth year. The Salon donates all its net proceeds to Win (formerly Women in Need), a great NYC based charity that helps disadvantaged women build positive, independent lives for themselves and their kids. Hope’s also the editor and publisher of Scribbling Women & the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them, a Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul styled charity anthology. All net sales are donated to—you guessed it—Win. You can find Hope online at www.HopeTarr.com. www.Facebook.com/HopeC.Tarr and www.Twitter.com/HopeTarr. ♥


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