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August 9 – 16
The Borinqueneers: My Military Heroes
by Maria C. Ferrer
Soldiers make the best romance heroes for their unselfish desire to protect, their undying loyalty to their country, and their firm bodies that can squeeze a lover ever so tightly.
Some of the best soldiers in US history are from Puerto Rico.
Did you know that Puerto Ricans have been fighting on behalf of this country since the American Revolution? Puerto Rico did not become a US Territory until 1898 with the end of the Spanish American War, and did not organize an infantry until 1901. But for the past century, Puerto Ricans have fought bravely for a land that still treats them as second class citizens, and that often forgets that, YES, Virginia, Puerto Ricans are US citizens.
In 1950, the 65th Infantry Regiment out of Puerto Rico gave themselves the nickname of the Borinqueneers in honor of the island’s Taino name, Borinquen. These brave men have distinguished themselves throughout WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Iraq and now Afghanistan. This year, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York was dedicated to them. To date, the Borinqueneers have earned 10 Distinguished Service Crosses, 250 Silver Stars, 600 Bronze Stars, 3,000 Purple Hearts, and finally, on June 10, 2014, President Obama awarded them Congressional Gold Medals. A handful of the original soldiers were there to accept.

It is this dedication to country and duty; it is their honor and bravery that make soldiers such good romance heroes, whether they hail from Puerto Rico, New York, or Texas.
Soldiers are a worthy subject of songs and stories. You can write about the idealistic boy joining the army, the brave vet storming the beaches or the wounded hero returning home. All heroes, all ready to protect our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. So now let’s honor them by writing them a happy ending full peace, harmony and above all love.♥
Maria C. Ferrer was past president of RWA/NYC. She writes contemporary romances under her name and erotica under the name Del Carmen. Her stories have been published by Ravenous Romance and Cleis Press, and have appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Penthouse and Star. Visit her at and

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