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HEROINE:   Cass   
Home town:    New York, NY

Randy: Sorry I'm late.
Ursula:  Randy, what are you doing here? Where’s Cass?
Randy: She's workin’ on a new dress, so I offered to sit in for her. Don't worry, she'll do my interview next month.

Ursula: (sigh) Why can't we have a normal interview?
Randy: 'cause our creator is anything, but normal.

Ursula: Watch it or I'll give you children who are sassier than Cass.
Randy: Duly noted.

Ursula: We might as well begin. Which does Cass prefer -- heel or flats?
Randy: Since Cass walks everywhere, she prefers flats. They're easier in her feet.

Ursula: Does sex mean love?
Randy: When we first met Cass considered sex a wife’s duty. A woman was supposed to submit whether she wanted to or not. I don’t think she believes in that old-fashioned crap anymore.

Ursula: Does love mean marriage?
Randy: I would hope so, but it took a couple of proposals to convince Cass. A previous relationship turned her off to marriage.

Ursula: Do you know what Cass first found attractive about you?
Randy: Though she has told me on more than one occasion I'm not funny, I believe it was my ability to laugh in the face of an adversary. My music sealed the deal.

Ursula: If you and Cass were stuck in an elevator, how would you pass the time?
Randy: I'm sure I could think of a few things; however, despite my attempts to corrupt her, Cass would insist we talk. Thankfully, she'd make it up to me when we get home.
Ursula: On that note, thank you, Randy for doing Cass's interview.

SWEET JAZZ Book Summary
Randy and Cass’s story is told in SWEET JAZZ. Though many of the employees at The Big House are not thrilled when Randy is hired to play sax, Cass, the club's sassy singer goes out of her way to welcome him. As their relationship develops, life at the club for Randy becomes complicated when he has to fight both Cass’s fear of opening her heart and those who want to keep them apart.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Ursula Renée writes historical romances and suspense. When she is not writing, Ursula enjoys drawing, photography, and stone carving. You can find her at, like her on Facebook at or follow her in Twitter @Ursula_Renee.

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